My goals for this page.

I hope to excite and promote the wonderful quilt by Jane Stickle that is now kept safe with the Bennington Museum. I truly hope you enjoy viewing my (sometimes) feeble attempt at replicating these 'challenging' blocks.

Please remember that my scanner is not always kind whilst scanning these multi-seamed blocks. They DO look much better in person. (I hope!)

My background fabric is by South Seas Imports and is called Parchment. It is a very soft muted background (although the scans show it as 'bright' in places). The remainder of my fabrics are 1860's reproductions.

Remember all blocks shown are 5" squares.


139 Blocks, 20 Triangles, 1 Corner Triangle, 4701 Pieces

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The Dear Jane Quilt

The Jane Stickle Quilt

Jane Stickle created a wonderfully complex masterpiece while the Civil War was raging on. In an effort to understand the complexity of the mathematical mind's work that went into the quilt, Brenda Papadakis started drafting out patterns for all the blocks. This in turn lead to the publishing of The Dear Jane Book. The quilt consists of 169, 4 1/2" blocks, in thirteens rows with 13 blocks in each row. Then all around the edge are 56 pieced triangles.

I am now 30 blocks from the end!! I am getting very excited about finishing the blocks. I think I'll work on getting row B finished. Would you believe at 139 blocks I only have 3 'bingos', Row A, H and #3

Triangles have been named!

Email me if you have any questions or comments.

People have viewed my blocks. Thank You!