Row C

C-1 Trooper Green's Badge (Paper Pieced) 13 Pieces

C-2 Streak of Lightning (Hand Pieced, Reverse Appliqued, and Regular Applique) 12 Pieces

C-3 Rayelle's Fence (Rotary Cut/Machine Pieced) 29 Pieces

C-4 Tic Tac Toe (Paper Pieced) "Buddy Challenge #2" 37 Pieces

C-6 Ashley's Aura (Hand Pieced) 9 Pieces

C-8 Hani's Crown (Paper Pieced) "Buddy Challenge #1" 21 Pieces

C-9 Jane's Tears (Applique) 5 Pieces

C-10 Patriot's Lantern (Rotary Cut/Machine Pieced) 29 Pieces

C-12 Family Reunion (Rotary Cut/Machine Pieced) 49 Pieces

C-13 Lakota Sioux (Rotary Cut/Machine Pieced) 19 Pieces

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