Row L

L-1 Window Pane (Rotary Cut and Hand Pieced) 22 Pieces

L-3 Reflections Abound (Paper Pieced) 25 Pieces

L-4 St. George's Cross (Rotary Cut/Machine Pieced) 21 Pieces "Buddy Challenge #4"

L-5 Chattanooga Charlie (Machine Pieced) "Buddy Challenge #3"

L-6 Maze of Madness (Paper Pieced) 47 Pieces

L-7 Town Square (Rotary Cut/Machine Pieced) 17 Pieces "Buddy Challenge #4"

L-8 Box Kite (Rotary Cut/Hand Pieced) 15 Pieces

L-10 Nan's Naiad (Totally Paper Pieced!) 41 Pieces

Far from a perfect block, but it IS a finished block! haha

Below is September's L-10 block, which she appliqued.

L-13 Harvest Moon (Hand Pieced) 10 Pieces

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