MBS Faculty Staff

DR TAN KIM SAI, Principal
Dip. Th. (Melbourne, External); B.Th. (Singapore Bible College); M. Miss. (Canadian Theological Seminary); M. A. (University of Birmingham); Ph.D. (Fuller Theological Seminary) and Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Batu Pahat, Johor (1974-79).
Theology, Religious and Cultural Studies.

REV EDDY HO PITT LUP, Dean, English Department
B. Th. (Far Eastern Bible College); Dip. C. S. (Regent College); M. Div. (Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary); Th. M. in Communication (Asian Theological Seminary); D. Min. candidate (AGST); Acting Dean (1981) and Lecturer (1981-82) of MBS, Coordinator of Lay Leadership Training (1983-92) and Executive Secretary of Evangelical Free Church, Malaysia (1987-92).
Biblical Studies and Languages; Christian Communication and Practical Theology.

MR LEE MEE ONN, Dean, Chinese Department
B. Th. (MBS); M. A. (Seminari Alkitab Asia Tenggara, Malang); M. Th. (South East Asia Graduate School of Theology); Th. D. candidate (SEAGST); Church worker, Cameron Highlands Gospel Hall (1984-87); KL Gospel Hall (1988-90) and Former Dean/ Associate Dean, MBS Chinese Department (1991-96).
Church History and Theology.

DR JASON LIM JIT FONG, Associate Dean, Chinese Department
B. Eng. (Hons) (University Malaya); M. C. S. (MBS); Th. M. (Westminster); Ph.D. (Sheffield University) and Lecturer, Institiut Teknik Pertama (1988-91).
Biblical Studies and New Testament.

MR TAN KONG BENG, Associate Dean, English Department
B. Soc. Sc. (Hons) (Universiti Sains Malaysia); Dip. C. S.; M. C. S.; Th. M. candidate (Regent College); President (1988-89) and Executive Secretary (1989-92) of Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF).
Spiritual Theology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Church History.

MR TAN CHEE BENG, Dean of Students, Chinese Department
B. Pharmacy (Victoria College of Pharmacy, Melbourne); M. Div. (MBS) and Ph.D. candidate (Sheffield University).
Biblical Studies and Old Testament.

REV ALBERT PUA BON HOCK, Director of Off-Campus Ministry, Chinese Department
B. Th. (MBS); M. Th. (Dallas Theological Seminary); Pastor, Bethany Grace Church, Kuala Lumpur (1987-88); Grace Christian Church, Philippines (1992-94); Living Water Logos Centre, Subang Jaya (1995 - present).
Bible Exposition and Christian Education.

REV HWA CHIH, English Department
B. Sc. (Hons) (Otago); M. Sc. (Canterbury); M. Div. (Gordon-Conwell); M. Sacred Theology (Yale); Priest, Diocese of West Malaysia (1985 - ); Lecturer, Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (1987-92); General Secretary, Scripture Union Peninsular Malaysia (1993-95).
Biblical Studies.

B. Min. (Baptist Theological Seminary); M. Miss.; D. Min. candidate (Asia Missiological Graduate School); Pastor, Canaan Baptist Church (1978-91); Advisory Pastor, Puchong Baptist Church (1993-97) and Former Dean, Chinese Department (1997-98).
Practical Theology and Missiology.

REV DR LEE KEN ANG (on sabbatical leave, 1997-99)
B. Agri. Sc. (Hons) (Universiti Malaya); M. A. R.; Ph.D. (Westminster) and Former Principal, MBS (1989-96).
Systematic Theology and Philosophy.

REV LOH SOON CHOY, English Department
Cert. Ed. (MTC); Dip. Th. (DTC); Dip. Th. and B. D. Part 1 (London); M. Th. cum Laude (ATS, Philippines); Cert. R. Ed. Studies (NZ); Cert. Mission Studies (OMSC and Yale Divinity School, USA); Lecturer, Singapore Bible College (1970-74); Hon. Pastor, Singapore EFC (1970-74); Pastor, Kuala Terengganu Presbyterian Church (1975-76); Petaling Jaya EFC (1976-77); Malacca EFC (1978-79); Former Dean, MBS English Department (1977-84, 91-93) and Associate Dean (1994-1998)
Church History, Theology and Practical Theology.

Dip. Th. (Bible Seminary of the Philippines); M. A. (China Evangelical Seminary); Church worker, Singapore Chinese Evangelical Church (1967-68); Missionary, Kota Kinabalu and Tuaran, Sabah (1969-73) and Lecturer, Malaysia Christian Training Centre (1974-78).
Practical Theology and Christian Education.

The faculty is augmented by a team of able part-time and occasional lecturers. They include former lecturers and visiting professors/lecturers in the region.


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