Stand In The Gap

Dr Tan Kim Sai, The Principal of Malaysia Bible Seminari.

During the time of Prophet Ezekiel, the Lord was looking for a man to stand in the gap, but He was not able to find one (Ezekiel 22:30). Today, the Lord is still looking for men and women who will stand in the gap.

Some of the "gaps" which are a cause of concern are breaches among church leaders, either between pastors and board members, or among board members themselves. Unresolved conflicts and splits within the leadership are most detrimental to the healthy growth of a congregation. These often occur not because of doctrinal or ethical issues but due to personal and relational problems. Often many get hurt in the process. As graduands, are you equiped to serve as "gap-fillers" in this regard?

The lack of comprehensive and systematic knowledge of the Scripture and the will of God is definitely a glaring gap to be filled. Such a gap will cause churches to remain weak and poor and not being able to fulfill the many tasks entrusted by the Lord. MBS definitely aspires to make further contributions in this respect, especially through our many graduates. Another serious breach for the church in our country is the spirit of timidity found among leaders and believers in general, vis-a-vis the command to be witnesses for Christ among "every tribe and language and people and nation"(Rev 5:9-10), particularly among our fellow citizens. If we allow human systems to intimidate us, such a fear becomes a gap which disperses the fullness of the Spirit of God. Churches can never be filled with the Holy Spirit unless we are prepared to face up to the challenge of the Gospel mandate with its many implications.

However, before anyone can ever serve as an effective gap-filler, one must first of all, fill- up the gaps in one’s personal life! Any greed for money, position, or lust of the flesh; any sense of pride, inferiority or selfish motivation; any lack of discipline or breach of trust in terms of personal and ministerial accountability, will certainly appear as gaps which will make it difficult for one to fulfill one’s God-given tasks. Then it would seem far-fetched indeed to speak of filling the numerous gaps of the present age!


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