The 17th.Editorial Committee

Standing (left to right):
Goh Chee Beng (Editor), Eden Emang (Business Manager), John Mark (Committee Member), James Ravindaren (Treasurer), Waylon Jayatissa (Secretary), Dicky Wong (Asst.Business Manager)

Seated (left to right):
Yong Ling Ling (Asst.Editor), Mr. Tan Kong Beng (ED Advisor), Mr. Lee Mee Onn (CD Advisor), Tan Li Li (Asst.Secretary)

The Editorial Committee consists of graduating students who oversee the publication of the 17th.Graduation Magazine of MBS. The graduation exercise will be taking place on November 14, 1998.



The Graduation Magazine is in circulation now after a successful sponsorship campaign.

ED Students are looking for 5 computers for use in MBS. Donations are welcomed !!


As we apply the theme, 'Stand In The Gap' to our personal and pastoral ministry, we see the blessing of knowing that our life is spent for the Gospel, meeting wonderful people, receiving people’s encouragement, using our gifts and seeing changed lives. At the same time, particularly, in our market-driven age, there are also some specific costs we have to pay - such as the price of people’s projections, the price of being a lightning rod, the price of displeasing people, the price of fatigue and possibly, the price of unrealistic expectations. The command to sacrifice is not necessarily negated, but the simple act of obedience is elevated above the rule of sacrifice and given greater value. Our task as Christians is to make good decisions, intelligent, grounded in the Bible, leading to spiritual prosperity for everyone around us (Ps. 1:3).

Be tough at the core, easy at the edges!


We have a very successful sponsorship campaign for the graduation magazine. The target of RM9,000 has been achieved with the participation of all students of MBS including the lecturers.
The 17th.Editorial Committee is glad to present the following gifts to MBS:

a refrigerator, two acoustic guitars and some donations to the MBS General Fund, to show our gratitude to the Lord for the existence of MBS.

Goh Chee Beng

" Stand In The Gap "
Ezekiel 22:30

The 17th. Graduation/Annual Magazine with its theme "Stand In The Gap" as taken from the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 22 verse 30 will be published and distributed on November 14, 1998 in conjunction with the 17th. Graduation Ceremony to be held at Klang Chinese Methodist Church at 4.00 p.m.

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