MBS will be launching a new program called "STEP" (Short-term Theological Education Program) on January 4, 1999. This is a 10-week program of Christian Studies and Service catering specifically for those who are waiting for their SPM or STPM results or otherwise.

STEP is a credit program and students can accumulate credits for

......future studies. Those who can do 5 weeks are also

Instead of wasting time and getting bored, or if you are seeking God's will for your life, why not enroll in this
one-term program at the
Malaysia Bible Seminari ?

ou will learn more about the Word of God in a stimulating residential community setting, gain experience in ministry, and exposure to the rich spiritual, historical and intellectual heritage and the multi-form mission of God's church

systematically, and responsibly taught by a team of experienced teachers. Receive credits at college level for any future programs at MBS (or elsewhere) you may be interested in. Make your three months (Jan-Mar) count for the Lord! Enroll in STEP  !


Best experienced with

Malaysia Bible Seminari

1-11, Jalan Dendang 1, Kawasan

Berkeley Town Centre

Click here to start.

41300 Klang

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