Rev Loh Soon Choy
Associate Dean/Alumni Advisor

The ED Alumni President, Mr Chris Sekar will be calling a meeting soon with our graduating students to plan our usual Alumni Homecoming & Dinner on Friday, November 13 on the eve of our MBS Graduation.  Alumnus, Pastor (Rev) Moses Tan has already kindly offered to subsidise the dinner for deserving students & invited guests.

Pre-Graduation Seminar at MBS
November 9-11, 1998
Speaker: Rev Hwa Chih
Open to Alumni and Public

ED Alumni Homecoming/Dinner
November 13, 1998
Restaurant Taman Rahsna
Time: 7.00 pm.
Fees: RM 20.00 per person

8 graduate students (Dip.C.S/M.C.S) and 6 undergraduate part-time and 4 audit students (excluding M.Min and B.Min modules here  and in Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu);
50 mattresses from Singapore Covenant EFC, 4 baby hamsters plus a pregnant mother;
A large beautiful "Last Supper" mounted carpet for the ED Chapel, some cactii, plants and herbs;
Pots, besides the usual cleani\, useable old clothes, shoes, furniture (and treats especially from the CD Alumni).

This gives you an idea of  how you can bless MBS or other similar communities (especially in the caring ministries) - besides your prayers and financial support !
The hamsters are a joy to the MBS young mothers' creche every Thursday with some dozen odd children !

Message to the 1998 Graduands

Dear Graduands,

It gives me much joy to write this congratulatory greeting to you. The words of the Apostle Paul to young Timothy "to rightfully handle the word of truth" comes to mind (2 Timothy 2:15), a phrase which literally means to cut rightly.
John Calvin connected it with a father dividing out the food at a meal so that each member of the family received the right portion. Beza connected it with the cutting up of sacrificial victims so that each part was correctly apportioned to the altar or to the priest. The Greeks used the phrase in three different connections. They used it for driving a straight road across country, for ploughing of straight furrow across the field, and for the work of a mason in cutting and squaring a stone so that it fits into its correct place. Likewise, we too, as ministers of the Gospel must rightly divide the word of truth. Drive a straight road through the truth and refuse to be lured aside by pleasant but irrelevant bypaths; plough a straight furrow across the field of truth, then take each section of the truth and fit it into its correct position, allowing no path to usurp its place and so knock the whole structure out of balance. May we hear this echoed in our own ministry that ‘this man/woman rightly handles the word of truth’.

Mr. Christopher Sekar
President of ED Alumni


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