Registration is open for this week-long (5 days) study camp for Christians around the country. The theme for this year is:

"Transformation In The Midst Of

Christians, the Church and our nation are in uncertain times. despite economic and social turbulence, the Christian person's focus is on seeking the Lord as he/she grows in Christ while the church looks to the Lord and the world around them for opportunities to be witnesses for Christ. This year, we seek to address our theme in church life and personal life.

"Spiritual Direction:Growing In The Presence of God" (Nov 25-27) focuses on the spiritual life of the person, be it in times of good and plenty or in times of lean and mean. We are to learn and to practice the art of seeking God in the company of the saints so that we may grow to the fullness of Christ.
Facilitators: Mr Tan Kong Beng & Rev Hwa Chih (MBS Lecturers)

"Strategic Thinking In Turbulent Times" (Nov 23-24) is a one-and-a half day brainstorming session with the aim of helping participants to identify internal and external forces which impact on the church and society. A second aim is to  help participants learn strategic planning skills that focus on developing organizational/ministry resources needed to meet the challenges of the new millenium.
Mr Oliver Ho, MBA, Dip.M, Dip.BA, FCIM(UK), FIMM

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