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Links to Hiking Pals from the Trail and from the AT-L and ATML Mailing Lists

I'll have more links here in the future to fellow hiker's pages. Just let me know and I'll put your page here!

Chase Davidson's Page - member of the AT-L List - plans to thru hike in 1997. Lots of good pics and a chat page.

"Wall's" Page - We hiked the trail with him in '95. Or should I say we caught a glimpse as he smoked by us on the trail? Ultra-marathoner and Prof of Computer Science at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA - previously taught at Univ. of New Hampshire. Great guy!

Felix's Page AT-L list and my new buddy - hails from near Bloomington, IN. Assistant to the Stars! Does a lot of section hiking on the AT. Thruhiked North to South in '98. Our resident jester on the ATL mailing lists (and a good writer of fiction - join the AT-L mailing List and check out his hiking stories!)Also check out his fictional work in the Appalachian Trailway News under the nom de plume - Felix J. McGillicuddy.

Rachel's Page (aka "Solophile"). AT-L'er and '97 thru-hiker. Check out her page - I know she would like to hear of any advice before she hits the long green Tunnel!

Doug Gibbons Hailing from Newfoundland! And another AT-L'er! Man we got a lot of these folks here, don't we? If you want to know anything about Newfoundland, this is the place to find it!

Tony Robert's and Robert Rubin's PATH Newsletter Page Check in here for updates on Robert's ("Rhymin'Worm") Thru-Hike of the AT in '97. Also lots of other really good info on the Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hiker's Club.

Wingfoot's Page Thru-hiked the Trail 7x. This site will be a great place to learn about the art of Thru-Hiking and will be of great assistance to those who have not yet hiked. Pitch in and help him get it going by contributing an article or some photos. Many of you know him thru his Thru-Hiker's Handbook and his Planning Guide, both of which are excellent aids to hiking the trail. I know, we planned our hike in only 3 months with the aid of his Planning Guide

Appalachian Trail Home Page Kathy Bilton's excellent home page on all aspects of the Appalachian Trail. Like Wingfoot's, a must see for anyone who uses the Trail.

Frank and Victoria Logue's Home Page Authors of many books on backpacking, this is an excellent resource for anyone planning to backpack. Read excerpts from their books and take their Outdoor Quiz to see if you qualify as a Guide!

Discussion Groups on Hiking

These are just a few. Will be adding more as I find the time
"AT-L" List. To subscribe go to
AT-L List

"ATML" list. Wingfoot's new Mail list. To subscribe, go to his web site at www.trailplace.com

"Kathy Bilton's Hypernews List". To subscribe, go to her Appalachian Trail home page.

Content updated 8/31/2001