Genealogy Chart For Ida Daigle

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DAIGLE (1) 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation 8th Generation 9th Generation
Ancestor: Olivier Diagre Bernard Daigre Joseph Daigre Simon Joseph Daigre Jean Baptiste Daigre Dominique Daigle Raymond Daigle Joseph Daigle Ida (Eda) Daigle
dates: 1643-1686 1670-1751 1696-1756 1738-1814 1767-1836 1794-? 1822-? 1853-? 1895/6-1988
Spouse: Marie Gaudet Marie Claire Bourg (Bourque) Madeline Gauterot (Gautreau) Marguerite Guilbeault Marie Cyr Marie Louise Gagne Eleanore Martin Marcelline Lachance George A. Michaud
dates: 1666-? 1671-? 1708-1758 ~ 1774-1848 1796-? ~ ~ 1889-1971
Residence: Saintonge, France Port Royal, Nova Scotia Port Royal St. Basile, New Brunswick St. Basile, New Brunswick Frenchville, Maine Frenchville, Maine Ft. Kent, Maine Eagle Lake, Maine
Children: Jean Bernard Marie-Josephe Marie-Joseph Jean Baptiste Antoine Damase Ida Reginald G. Michaud (I)
Jacques Pierre Charles Pierre Dominique Eleanore Joseph Yvonne Bernadette
Bernard* Joseph Alain Marguerite Firmin Raymond Docite Alice Estelle
Louis Jean Baptiste Marguerite Jean Baptiste Hilarion Modeste Alcime Edna Carmen
Olivier* Charles* Anne Marie-Angelique Augustin Vital Dulcina Bertrand
Jean (II) Francois Madeleine Marie Julienne Salome Joseph
Marie Abraham Angelique Regis Marie Anne Cyprien
Anne Marie Claire Angelique (II) Francois Honore Edmond
Pierre Rene Jean Baptiste Marguerite Louise George J.
Amand Anastasie Germain Alcime Leonard (Pit)
Simon Joseph Philomene
Mathurine Marguerite
Comments Only Bernard and Olivier raised families. Charles and his family were exiled to France in "Le Grand Derangement."

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