Sarah Nason's Family Chart

NOTE: Chart extends to right beyond edge of screen

NASON 1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation 6th Generation 7th Generation 8th Generation 2nd Marriage 9th Generation 10th Generation 2nd Marriage
ANCESTOR: John Nason Richard Nason John Nason Richard Nason Nathaniel Nason Bartholomew Nason ** Bartholomew Nason Henry Nason -- Sarah W. Nason Emilie W. Inness ** --
dates: ? 1606-1696 1640-1719 ? 1736-1779 1757-1822 1784-1858 1818-1876 -- 1848-1934 1874-1936 --
Spouse: Elizabeth Rogers Sarah Baker Bridget Weymouth Mercy Hamm Meribah Tuttle Elizabeth Hooten Hannah Craig Sarah Weld Wingate Anna B. Gates George Inness ** Frank Lackland Sublett ** Ellsworth Price Bertholf **
dates: ? ? ? ? ? 1757-1821 1790-1832 1818-1848 1829-1909 1845-1887 1870-1950
Residence: Stratford-on-Avon, England Pipestove Landing, Kittery, ME Old Kittery, Maine Old Kittery, Maine South Berwick, Maine South Berwick, Maine Augusta, Maine Montclair, New Jersey ? New York, New York Staunton, Virginia San Diego, California
Children: Richard Richard Richard Richard John Thomas Edward A. Henry Weld Horatio Gates Emilie Woodruff Sarah Dorothy (1894-?) Dorothy was adopted by EP Bertholf
Jonathan Nathaniel Nathaniel Nathaniel Elizabeth Joseph Wingate ** Arthur Graham George Ernest
John Bridget Ham Elizabeth William Sarah Wingate Frederick T. Annabel V.
Joseph Moses Nathaniel ** Bartholomew Elias Isabelle Pratt
Benjamin Sarah Bartholomew ** John Henry Malcolm Craig
Baker David ** Benjamin Margaret Anna Gates NOTE:
Charles Caleb Samuel R. Hannah Charles Wilmer Frank Sublett remarried to Nannie Patterson Smith in Staunton, VA
Sarah Daniel Mark Martha P. Theodore Perry
Sarah Daniel Elias C.
Molly Daniel Frederick
NOTES: ** Served in the Continental Army, War of Independence ** Served in the Continental Army at Fishkill and Ft. George, 1775-1778; War of Independence ** Killed in Action, Age 21, at Petersburg, 1865; 1st Lieutenant, 39th NJ Infantry, Civil War ** Wounded in Action, at Savage's Station, VA; 82nd NY Infantry, Civil War ** Divorced ** First Commandant of the US Coast Guard. Received the Congressional Medal of Honor. Served in WWI.

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