Pictures of Stapleford

I have taken a few photographs of Stapleford for those of you interested in what this place looks like.

St Helen's Church

The oldest part of the church is said to date from the mid 13th century, added to over the following centuries. Many of the grave stones by the side of the path are of my ancestors, the Smedleys and the Attenboroughs.


The Old Cross

Reputed to be the oldest religious monument in the county, dating from 680 - 780 AD.

It now stands in the church yard, just out of shot on the photograph of the church, but for years it stood in the middle of the road outside the church gates, in front of the 'Old Cross' pub. With the arrival of motorised transport, it became a public menace and was relocated in about 1928 to its present position.


The Old Cross Inn

Perhaps 'Inn' is too grand a name for it. Built around 1860, it's a typical Nottinghamshire 'boozer' and stands directly across Church Street form the Church itself. The cross in the previous photograph stood just about where the gap in the white line is.

I always remember as a child driving my mother mad, when returning from shopping trips, by running up and down that stepped entrance!


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