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A Picture Gallery of the Mighty Roos in action!

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ANOTHER Picture Gallery of the Mighty Roos in action!

Stats on the Players!
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A written history on the greatest club in the AFL!

The ORIGINAL and the best theme song!
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Some great North Melbourne Links!

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Hearts to Hearts and hands to hands,
Beneath the Blue and White we stand.
We shout "God Bless our Native land"
North Melbourne, North Melbourne.

Out we come, Out we come, Out we come to play.
Just for recereation's sake to pass the time away,
Heaps of fun, lots of fun, enjoy yourself today,
North Melbourne boys are hard to beat when they come out to play.

So Join in the chorus, and sing it one and all.
Join in the chorus, North Melbourne's on the ball.
Good old North Melbourne, we're champion's you'll agree,
North Melbourne will be Premiers, just you wait and see!
























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