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This is a hopefully fulfilling, guide to the universe of Slayers.

History of World
The Lord of Nightmares created the world, the gods, and everything that exsists. Parallel to the world Lina lives in, are 3 others, which we only know through the Gods and Demons who have visited Lina's universe. At one time, the world sat on the staff of the gods, like a plate on a stick. The Gods would war, it was good against evil, as always. Finally, an edge was grasped, and Shabrinigdo was defeated by the God Cephied. Shabrinigdo was split into 7 pieces and scattered throughout the world. However, even though Shabrinigdo was defeated, it did not mean the world was free of evil. For other demons still walked the world.

When swords and magic were still commonplace. Basically the world around Lina and Co. is peaceful, with your normal bandits, renegades, and powerful sorceress's running around causing havoc. It's just Lina's luck that everywhere she goes, trouble seems to follow.

Main People:
See Characters

Speicies In the world:
Humans, Ogres, Werewolfs, Fish-men, Trolls, Skeletal warriors, Beast-men, Goblins, Gods, Demons, Dragons, half-breeds, you name it, they got it. Cept elves. Haven't seen any of those.

Gods, Lords, Demons, Dragons:
See Mazoku and Shinzoku. Just way too much info for one page.

The Dark Star Weapons - The Mezard (sickle) the Galvea (bow) the Galnova (Sword of Light) the Vodiga (axe) and the Laguno Menix (spear) made by Dark Star to open and close the dimensional gates of his world. The weapons became spread throughout the worlds.
5 Wise Men of the Age - All I know about them is that Rezo was one of them, and has lived for quite a long time.
Staff of the Gods/Philosphers Stone - A long time ago the Staff of the Gods supported the world. A piece of this staff was called the philosphers stone. The stone, in essence, has changed the world each time it has appeared.
The Dragon Wars - The Ancient Dragons and Golden Dragons once fought a terrible battle. To sum it up, the Ancient Dragons lost, and they all died, save 1.

Well, that's all for now, got anything you'd like to know, or add? Let me know!