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This section is a Work In Progress. It's not a top priority as you can fnd many sites with massive magical index's.

Black Magic
Balus Rod (barusu roddo) - A light whip that is controlable.
Blast Ash (burasuto asshu) - Creates a void that turns anything with a spirit into ash.
Boost (buusuto) - A trigger spell that activates equipment, with Lina, it's her talismans.
Disfang (disfangu) - Creates a shadow dragon to attack opponents shadow. When the opponents shadow is hit, they are hit.
Dragu/Dragon Slave (doragu sureibu) - A spell that calls on Shabrinigdo, once counted as the top Black magic spell.
Dynast Breath (dainasuto buresu) - Calls on Dynast Grauscherra freezes then shatters the target.
Ferrous Bleed (ferisu buriido) - Calls a animal to the caster, the animal is not controled by the caster however.
Flame Breath (fureimu buresu) - A dragon-only attack, you see Filia use it a lot.
Gaav Flare* (gaavu furea) - Calls upon Chaos-Dragon Gaav. A straight line of fire that can penetrate things and keep going.
Giga Slave (giga sureibu)** - Invites the Lord Of Nightmares into the casters body, one of the highest Black magic spells.
Laguna Blast (raguna burasuto)* - Calls on Fibrizo, creates a pentagram that shoots white then black magic and evelopes the target.
Ragna/Laguna Blade (raguna bureedo) - Calls on Lord of Nightmares. A black magic sword is formed.
Zelas Gort (zerasu gooto) - Summons jellyfish, Naga's specialty, sometimes listed as Shamanist magic.

Shamanist/Astral Magic
Assha Dist (asshaa disuto) - Undead attack, will disintegrate any undead creature.

White Magic

* denotes unable to be cast any longer due to the power source being destroyed (Laguna Blast called on Fibrizo, Fibrizo is destroyed)
** Lina has sealed the Giga Slave spell so it can no longer be used due to it's potential destruction value (aka it can destroy the world)

Credit goes to Slayers Universe for this section, I know some of the spells, but hey, not all of them!