Major news. Tomb Raider III is out! I don't currently own it but I'm getting it soon. What are you waiting for? Get out and buy it!!! In other news, there's a TR3 Launch Contest accessible through the official TR Site You can win all sorts of neat stufflike copies of TR3, playing cards or something, and posters, watches etc.There is Lara merchandise available from Eidos UK, it's all branded with LARA and it's pretty cool. There is also the TR FoxTrot cartoon(for all of you who missed it.) available in the Lara's World Section. There's a Lara Croft shaped PlayStation memory card available at most stores. EIDOS CLUB- There is (at the Eidos Site) a website on The Eidos Club. You have to send Eidos registration for two Eidos products (TR and TRII will do) or anything. Send it by mail or electronically, and you're in! As a member you recieve the newsletter, rebates and savings, FREE MERCHANDISE! (Wahoo!), Free Demos, and more! You can download the USA TR3 Commercial from the Official TR Site under Downloads. Well, all for now. I'm adding pics to the pictures section so check back soon!



Yes, it's true. Lara was featured in a French Car Commercial. It's all in French, but it's well rendered and worth the download. You can get it from the official Tomb Raider Site, under Lara's World/Downloads, or click here! Note- you must have an MPEG player to view this.


Yes, I'm still here. I haven't updated my site in an extremely long time. I plan to update now that I'm on summer break. Tomb Raider 3 looks to blow almost (if not all) the competition away. If you go to Gamespot UK you can read a preview of TR3 with TONS of new info. Of the new things I find totally awesome are- There is more puzzle to the game, some baddies will be scared of a flare, there is "pack behavior" with animals and humans, pirhanas in the water, snakes in the grass, monkeys can steal your weapons....another thing is new moves- Lara can kick down some doors and do a speed dash. Lara leaves footprints in snow too! New weather effects too! Of the new vehicles there will be an underwater propulsion unit and a canoe!(Extremely cool!) This is all from Gamespot UK's TR3 preview, I covered the major points but there's plenty more to read. Go to Gamespot UK now! Not much new to the site...although I'm nearing 1500 hits!


Now that it's spring break, I'll have a chance to work on the page. One of the first things I should mention though, is that Tomb Raider Gold is out and availible for download. Keep in mind that you must have Tomb Raider 1 in order to use the levels. Go to the Downloads or Tomb Raider Gold Page on my site to get them. It's a pretty large file (6.5 megs) so it'll take a while to download, so just be patient. The levels are really neat and I'm still working on beating Shadow of the Cat. In other news, I have added a few more pages to my site. There are a lot of walkthoughs for Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider 2 so I decided to help you all out by buying a few and testing them to see which one is the best. You can read the reviews at the Walkthrough Review Page. More on the movie: The guy who wrote the script for Mortal Kombat might be hired to write the Tomb Raider movie script. Go to The Croft Times to find out more. Well, be sure to download TR Gold if you haven't already and if you don't own TR 1, hurry up and buy it!


Wow! Spring break is coming and I've been rushing to finish projects and stuff so I haven't had any time to work on my page. Sorry about the walkthroughs. I got halfway done with the Diving Area, but I didn't get a chance to finish it. Anyway, lots o' news today. I've made a special page concerning the upcoming Tomb Raider Gold. If you don't know anything about this, it's a special package that includes Tomb Raider 1, Unfinished Business, and a few new levels in the City of Khamoon called Shadow of the Cat. You can find more about it at The Tomb Raider Website. Also, the making of a Tomb Raider movie is in the works. Paramount Pictures has said that they will make Tomb Raider: The Movie. To find more about it, go to The Croft Times. One more thing- there is now an Official Lara Croft Fan Club. To join go to The Official Tomb Raider Page.


I've added a new Hints & Tips section to my page. Be sure to check it out. I'm still working on my walkthroughs. If you can't stand it, go to Sinjin's Tomb Raider 2 Walkthrough. It's a really good walkthrough and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for there. If not, email me and I'll try to help.


Sorry I haven't updated my site lately. I've been very busy doing other things. The walkthroughs are going really slow, so I'll try to have the next couple up this week. I might be able to get a hints and tips section up also. Check out my Downloads page if you want to get the Tomb Raider Vuport from Eidos. If you didn't know, Lara's birthday was on the 14th, so if you haven't said happy birthday yet, you can go to Lara's Calendar and find out what's happening. You'll find that Lara is having a birthday contest in which you can win some cool stuff so I would advise you to enter.


I have put up the Vehicles section of my equipment page. I'm working on beating Tomb Raider 2 again, but this time I hope to find all the secrets. I'm still working on the walkthroughs. The Opera House should be up by the 7th or 8th.

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