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Aya, the absolute bishounen in my heart and my eyes. Don't you just find him gorgeous? The first time I set my eyes on him, I thought to myself, (screaming in my heart)Now he is what I call a bishounen!.
I know I used 'bishounen' many times but I just can't help myself. Whenever I see Aya in the anime, I would have an urge to squeal. Call me crazy but that's really my reaction.

This is my first shrine and, tada! Aya! I surprised myself as actually, before seeing Weiß kreuz, bishounens drawn by CLAMP were my favourites, eg. Yasha(RG Veda) and Kamui Shirou(X). I had thought I would make a shrine for either of them first but it turned out, Aya was and is still my current favourite bishounen from an anime. I have not seen the manga. I just can't seem to find it. I guess you should have tire by now, reading me say what a bishounen Aya is. But if you are in my shoes, not that you can since my feet are kinda small*just kidding*, you will be in the same state of ecstacy as I am. There are now 18 wallpapers, 27 images and 4 donated pictures. Last modified: 19th of August 2002.

Hee no updates for almost a year now. Gomen! I don't think I'm updating anymore. The new Weiß kreuz anime, the characters are changed. Aya not as bishy as before --;;;;;

I really need some help here. I want to buy the Chinese version of the manga which I know is available in Hong Kong. But without the exact Chinese title, it is very hard for me to order it. So if anyone knows it, please do me a favour and email me. Arigato in advance. Aya line
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