Jeremy Callaghan's Acting Credits

I'm sure this list is incomplete. If anyone would like to add to it, let me know!


Glengarry Glen Ross -- Producer

Three Sisters -- Co-Producer (1999)

The Family -- Alan (1996)

Time of Your Life -- Glyn (1995)

Lumps -- Stuart (1993)

While at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts:

The Day I Realized -- the Hairdresser (1991)
Mad Forrest -- Bogdan/Toma (1991)
Absent Friends -- Colin (1991)
Whale -- Minneapolis Dad/Young Innuit (1991)
A Midsummer Night's Dream -- Oberon/Snout/The Tinker (1991)
Marat/Sade -- Marquis de Sade (1990)
Three Sisters -- Kuligyn (1990)
A Cheery Soul -- member of the Chorus (1990)
Fields of Heaven -- Rome/Bodera (1990)

At Hole In the Wall Theatre:

Entertaining Mr. Sloane -- Sloane (1988)
The Summer of the Seventeenth Doll -- Dowd (1988)
The Rising of Pete Marsh -- Crusher (1988)


Halifax f.p: The Scorpion's Kiss (TV) -- Alex (2001)

Secret Men's Business (TV) -- Ian Mooney (1999)

The Hostages (mini-series) (TV) -- Steve (1998)

The Violent Earth (mini series) -- John Sutton in Part One, Paradise Untamed (1997)

The Munster's Scary Little Christmas (TV) -- Tom (1996)

Police Rescue, The Movie -- Constable Brian Morley (1994)

Elvis Killed My Brother (short film) (1993)

Midnight Special (1993)

TV Series

Shortland Street -- Giles Redman (1997)

Water Rats -- Detective Senior Constable Kevin Halloway (1996)

Police Rescue -- Constable Brian Morley (1992-1994)

TV Series Guest Appearances

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World -- Alex in the episode Under Pressure (2001).

Farscape -- Bartender in Dream a Little Dream (2000)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World -- Osric (Man) in the episode Resurrection. (2000)

The Agency -- Dr. Jim (1998)

SeaChange -- Ray in the episode Love Me or Leave Me (1998)

Xena: The Warrior Princess -- Palaemon in the episode Blind Faith (1997)

Xena: The Warrior Princess -- Pompey in the episodes When In Rome, A Good Day, End Game) (1998-1999)

Young Hercules -- Pollux in Winner Takes All and Dad Always Liked Me Best (1998)

Wildside -- Vito (1998)

Murder Call -- Ezra Simms in the episode Ashes to Ashes (1997)

Tales of the South Seas -- Lacombe (1997)

Blue Heelers -- Glenn Ritchie in the episode The Men in Her Life (1994)

G.P. -- Gary in the episode Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (1993)


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