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The Appaloosa is a good learner. However, they may need to have certain lessons repeated often before they "get it". They are smart, but you have to earn their full attention.

They are hard-working with great stamina. Given a reasonable incentive, the Appaloosa will accept their job, do it well and do it forever. However, they will not be too thrilled once you change their routine. Stamina-wise, individual Appaloosas will give favored Arabians a run for their money in endurance races.

The Appaloosa's general temperament is easy-going, curious and inquisitive. Many will play with a door lock all day and have been known to be clever escape artists.

He may require convincing once asked to do something he doesn't want to do. Tough-minded and independent, the Appaloosa tends to be passive-aggressive. They may act dumb instead of boldly refusing your request.

The Appaloosa is not afraid of much and when you do frighten them, they have a low flight impulse. They tend to have a high self-protection impulse to painful stimuli. This can be an unexpected hazard to handlers, particulary if painful treatment has to be administered.

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Reference: Horse & Rider; November 1998

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