"Nature, when she made the Arab, made no mistake."
Homer Davenport



The Arabian is an extremely fast learner. They are very energetic, generally not lazy. More Arabian horses compete in 100-mile endurance races than any other breed.

The Arabian is easily bored. Likely to be playing with toys, people or other horses. Highly impressionable, with mood sensitivity. For example: If you tend to be a high-strung, anxious handler, your Arabian may be skittish. If you are laid-back and reasonable, he may be the same way. Some have been described as loving and spiritual.

When asked to do something he dosen't want to do, he is eager to please but also smart and opinionated. Unlike the Appaloosa, the Arabian would rather die than act dumb. If he thinks your request to walk through a puddle is ill-advised, he may find a clever way to avoid it without technically defying you. He'll give to the bit, for example, then sidepass around the obstacle.

The Arabian can be quick to startle and has a high flight impulse. But after he gains control of his fear, his curiosity and intelligence often compel him to go back and boldly take a long look at what scared him.

When subjected to pain, he may be fiercely self-protective or exceptionally tolerant. It depends on his, and your, anxiety level at the time.

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Reference: Horse & Rider; November 1998

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