Miniature Horse

Miniature Horse

Similar to Arabians in learning capacity, the Mini tends to be smart as a whip. A hard little worker, Minis are not lazy.

They are high strung and can be feisty, particularly when learning new lessons. Once he knows the routine, however, he's reliable.

The Mini can be stubborn when asked to do something he doesn't like. Handler's size over the Mini comes in handy when trying to get a reluctant one to do something.

The Mini has average spook and flight impulses. Most run just far enough to be out of reach of whatever scared him, then turn around and stare at it.

Self-protection impulse tends to be high, especially in stallions. They tend to be real quick to kick. However, they aren't prone to overreact to new training stimuli.

Reference: Horse & Rider; November 1998

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