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Toledano Families Home Page

Toledano Families Home Page

“look to the rock from which you were cut
and to the quarry from which you were hewen” Isaiah 51

TOLEDANO, family of Rabbis and hakhamim which originated in Toledo, Spain. After the expulsion from Spain in 1492, the Toledanos were to be found in Safad, Salonika, and Morocco. According to a family tradition they arrived in Fez during the 16th century from Salonika, and from there went to Meknes and became leaders of the community from the 16th century until the present day. They were prominent in the community in religious affairs, producing renowned Rabbis and Poets who enriched the literature of Moroccan Jewery with their works and greatly influenced the western communities, particularly those of Meknes, Sale, Tangier, and even Gibraltar; in political affairs, producing men who served as ministers and counsellors to Kings, and were entrusted with diplomatic missions; and in economic affairs, producing outstanding merchants who developed and maintained and varied commercial relations with European countries which contributed to the economic progress of Morocco.

Toledano Families

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