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"Eat My Cactus"

(But Not My Euphorbias)

Poppy Flower



Peyote Path Tour

This was the original Trail but has became updated with new images and experiences and therefore has transformed to become a Path we are now travelling along and not an intended Trail to travel by?....Making any sense here? then take the opportunity to E-mail Stella and let us know!

The Procession

The funeral was lovely, everybody was pleased that they were going to be in "The Shrine" but sorry that some had had to suffer the "Pestulence Wars" and the numerous "Objects De Construction" raining down!

Four Movies

Pollinating an Astophytum, Reflex action of the stamens in a peyote flower head, And New This Time Around -"Eat Me" and "Eat Me Too"

Stella in "Eat Me Free"

This Animated Gif file is 243Kb and well worth the wait or download.

"The Lord Of The Flies"

This Animated Gif is 115Kb in size and definitely worth the time to view. If only we could have the same effect on our partners without having to be as smelly. Rotten socks is the best description for the smell of the milder ones, next up is the rotten fish type and finally the smelliest - right up there with the stench of rotten eggs!. The Dracunculas were some of the smelliest but I have no specimens at present, but will check our image archive for pictures for a smelly tour to be a feature on a future update. If you would like to interact fully with the experience, then you will need the latest plugin - a pair of old socks version 2.

Miscellaneous Tour

A mixture of Images - some very special flowers and a very special Yarn Painting.

The Newest Picture Files

This Zone features a moth that did not get its wings to fully open so it could develop and fly away. The morning turned nasty after it had come out of the cocoon and so it did not have the benefit of hot sunshine as a similar one had had earlier in the day which did manage to dry its wings.

Thumbnail Zone :

Thumbnails galore! We will keep adding to this Zone until such time as we shall have to remove, replace files because of our space allocation from Tripod will never be infinite but we are grateful for their hosting of our pages and the whopping 11Mb of space All Tripod members are given to utilise! So if you too like thumbnail viewing then this is for you! and you will still be able to enter the tour at any time using the Navigation options - but you will have to use you browsers back button/command on the toolbar until we set up the return links so please continue and enjoy!





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