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'Eat My Cactus'

[But Not My Euphorbias]

Stella's Tongue



Two new AVI's for you to sample "Eat Me" and "Eat Me Too".
Also there are two animated GIF's "Lord Of The Flies" and (a mad sequence of Stella) "Botanists'r'Us" Stella will get around to write up her experience for you all soon, ( I am no mind reader! so please be patient, if you cannot E-mail luna@mcmail.com to hurry it up! ). "Asclepiad-Opening" will be opening soon, so come back again for the next shows at a computer screen in front of YOU!

Latest Images

The latest Images are in three parts, which you will find in the "Latest and the Dead" Zone , "The Shrine" , "Bitten" and "New".

The intended Shrine is making its initial appearance here in the thumbnail Zone while we wait for Stella to build the concrete version in the garden; which will provide the stage for the VRML version? which do you think will come first.....?
If you have any Deceased you would like to share with us ( Please no larger than 20Kb in Jpeg or GIF format ) we will, if you want, include it in the shrine with all credit to you. Include the Title and your Name if you wouldn't mind

The Previous images are still about somewhere? probably here!
and still available is the Peyote Trail

The links page is getting bigger with more and more, interesting links appearing as we surf about. If you know of any site anywhere you think we should see let us know, E-mail Stella at luna@mcmail.com and if you would like us to link to your site then E-mail Stella and we will get over and visit real soon to check it out.

Use the Navigation options at the top and bottom of the pages to get about, or use the links within the text, and last you can also navigate via some images.

So enjoy
'Eat my Cactus'.


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