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     TEPPIA (The Eastern Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigators Association) is a small organization founded in October of 2008, consisting of professional paranormal investigators brought together for the purpose of objectively studying paranormal phenomenon such as ghosts and hauntings.
     Our main objective is to gather evidence through investigations at private homes, cemeteries, historic sites, etc., analyze the data in a proper and scientific manner, and then share our findings with our members, the public, and with other investigators and organizations.
     Combined, our members have nearly 30 years of experiance in investigating the paranormal. We use a variety of high tech tools including digital cameras, camcorders, electromagnetic field detectors, night vision scopes, infra red cameras, tape recorders, etc., in the pursuit of evidence.
     After such evidence is gathered, we analyze our results, whether they be audial or visual in nature, and make an unbiased determination as to whether they are of a paranormal nature. This helps us to ascertain the existence of paranormal phenomenon at a given location.
     We always seek to better our methodology and data collection techniques through any new technologies that may emerge that can be utilized in our research.
     All in all, we seek to professionally answer the question of life after death through mutual cooperation between our members and with a keen sense of both open-minded skepticism and professionalism, coupled with years of experience to produce a productive and results-driven organization.

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