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     TEPPIA employs an array of modern equipment in which we utilize in our investigations below is a current list of some of the equipment that we use during our investigations.
* Laptop Computer - Essential for uploading and analyzing data on-site.
* Sony Cybershot Digital Camera - We have a higher end model and mainly use this camera for night investigations as this has infra-red and night vision technology allowing us to take photographs in zero-light conditions.
* HP Digital Camera - A basic point and shoot camera that works well for indoor investigations and is small in size.
* GE Digital Camera - Another basic point and shoot camera.
* Minolta Maxxum 4 - A professional-grade 35mm film camera with a removable zoom lens. We believe film is a far better medium for capturing paranormal anamolies than digital cameras so we utilize the Maxxum 4 as it is a reliable and multi-function camera with many features that we find useful. The Maxxum 4 was one of the last professional film cameras in production before this medium was replaced with Digital SLR technology.
* Polaroid camera - We have a basic point and shoot Polaroid camera as these cameras have also proven to be an excellent medium for capturing paranormal anamolies. The film is nearing it's production end and within the next year or two it will be near impossible to find film for instant cameras. At around sixteen to twenty dollars for just ten shots we use this camera sparingly!
* Trifield Meter - A great EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) meter, despite it's high price, it can be calibrated to detect only certain field strengths and detects only natural EMF and not man-made fields.
* 2 ELFLX meter - An inexpensive but easy-to-use meter. These are not nearly as good as our other meters but they do their task we use them for.
* 2 CellSensor EMF Meters - Relatively inexpensive but we use these the most of our meters. They give off a flashing signal as well as an audial signal whenever a strong field is detected. Can detect both natural and man-made EMF at the flick of a switch.
* One EMF Listener - A device that fits over the ear and allows the user to actually hear EM fields in an audio frequency.
* One Tripod - For our cameras and camcorders.
* One Mini DVD Camcorder - Great medium because the small DVD's carry a great deal of memory. Much superior to the Mini-8 recorders that are still on the market. 
* One Sony Handycam Camcorder - Sony probably makes the best camcorders among the major brands. Like the Sony digital camera, this has night vision capabilities as well as infra-red capabilites. Great for night time investigations.
* One infra-red spotlight - This gives our other digital cameras infra-red capabilites by shining the infra-red spotlight in the area we are photographing. Infra-red is invisible to the eye but it is believed spirits manifest themselves as infra-red energy, and this spotlight helps ordinary cameras capture this energy.
* Tape recorders - We have several standard mini-tape recorders as well as a digital recorder. Of course these are a must for EVP recordings.
* One pair of walkie-talkies - Great for when we are working in groups at two different areas of a location.
* Flashlights - Sometimes you just need one.
* Gadget bags - As there is usually way too much to carry!
     Of course, this list will grow as time goes on as we are currently seeking to update and add to some of our equipment within the coming months.

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