Even though my official name is Dandy Andy V, my friends just call me Andy.....Heck, you can call me anything you want, as long as you don't call me late for supper....!!!!

"Now, folks even call me the King of my castle here in Dublin, so if you want to listen to a little "Lion King" music, just click on this speaker next to my friend the Lion King....."

Think Big....!!!~~Pet of the Day...!!!

Suitable for Framing

Andy's Snazzy List of Links.....

Rhonda's Realm: ....collection of Rhonda's Shih Tzu Artwork....and Bruno's homepage...
Larry and Dolly's Homepage: .....my owner's homepage.....
Pipers Dog House: .....my friend Piper lives here.....His pal Vicki helped me get on the worldwide web.....Isn't she sweet....?
Spencer's page....!!!!: ....This is the homepage of my big brother, Spencer, who I have dinner with every night.....!!!
Piper's Shih Tzu Only Photo Album: .....Did I mention that Piper put a picture of me in his Shih Tzu Only Photo Album.....!!!
Larry's Page: My Dad's Page

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