You find yourself standing beside a sparkling stream, the sound of bird calls fill the air with their sweet music  and the gentle trickle of the water as it meanders over the jeweled rocks stirs your soul with a strange sense of longing. 
In front of you, you see two roads, leading left and right. One follows the stream and curves out of sight beyond a grove of trees, the second leads away from the stream and vanishes into a blue gold mist on the horizon. 
You step forward and there, partly hidden by a tree, is a sign post, atop it the strangest creature you have ever seen. 

"Hello" you say in your friendliest voice, hoping not to scare the beast. 
"Greetings traveller" it replies in a tone that tingles in your ears like silver bubbles in a glass of wine. 
"Can you help me" you ask. "I am new to these parts and know not which road to take" 

The creature smiles a sweet smile and moves its tiny head close to yours. 
"Tis a choice that only you can make" it whispers and turns its head towards the blue gold mist
"That way leads to the land of the Dragon, a mysterious place it be, filled with magic and wonder."
Slowly it turns and faces the other direction "and there be the path that leads to the place in which my lady the dragon assumes her human form. You must choose, but do not worry, you can return to this place and take the other path if you do not like the way you wander" 

With those words, it smiles once more and slowly closes its eyes. You realise that it will say no more, it is time for you to move on. Which way will you go?

To the home of the DragonTo the Human world