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The Glyphs of Astrology by Terrastel (Jamie Brydone-Jack)

There are 3 different sets of glyphs, or written symbols, in astrology: planets, signs, and aspects. As we will not be getting to aspects (the angular relationship between planets) for quite some time, there is no need for you to learn them just yet.

But to actually be able to read the wheel chart that I sent you, you need to know the planet and sign glyphs. There are 12 signs and ten _planets_, so this will take some effort. But you will be richly rewarded in the future. Knowing the glyphs makes taking notes from astrology books easier, and you can quickly and efficiently write down chart/ephemeris information in the glyph shorthand.

[An ephemeris is a book that contains the zodiacal placement of the planets on a daily basis.]

You'll find the planet glyphs on page 16 of the core text, (The Inner Sky) and the sign glyphs on page 18. The only glyph I don't agree with is the one for Pluto. Several symbols have alternate glyphs; I prefer another one for Pluto. Those on the Web can see my legend page at:

Those of you without web access, my preferred Pluto glyph looks like a cross with a bottom crescent on top of it, with a small circle in the crescent.

When I learned the glyphs, I found memory aids cut the learning curve significantly. So below you will find 2 different sets of explanations for each planet and sign glyph. You'll find my interpretation of the symbol, and Marion March's interpretations (MM) from her article _Some Insights into Esoteric Astrology_ in _Spiritual, Metaphysical and New Trends in Modern Astrology_. You'll find mine to be rather practical, taken from what I know of the symbolism of the glyphs, while Ms. March's are a bit more esoteric (no surprise!).

A few words from Marion March about the symbolic meanings of the glyphs...

"Each stroke of the astrological glyphs has a meaning. As you learn to interpret these strokes, you will gain new insights into the deeper meaning of the planets and signs of the zodiac.

"The vertical line is designated as the line of destiny or intellect. The horizontal line is considered material or physical when at the bottom of a glyph, metaphysical when at the top. When the vertical and horizontal lines meet, they form the cross of matter. All straight lines are considered intellectual, clear thinking and unemotional.

"[the circle] is the circle of infinity or spirit, while the half circle or crescent depicts the soul force or consciousness...All curved lines, whether half or complete circles, are considered replete with feeling, responsive and emotional."


The Sun ======= Terrastel: Looks like the sun.... ;-)

MM: This is the perfect shape, without beginning or end, the symbol of infinity. The dot inside can be interpreted as the inner light, or as the opening from which manifestation is born out of the unmanifested--namely man. Thus man is totally embedded in the spiritual circle of eternity.

The Moon ======== Terrastel: A waxing crescent Moon.

MM: The two crescents of consciousness, or soul force are linked on the lower or earth level and on the higher or spiritual level. The glyph is all curves, very emotional, and being only a semi-circle, it lives in the reflective light of the infinite Sun. The symbol is turned back, facing itself, as it carries in it our past.

Mercury ======= Terrastel: The wings of Mercury on top of the circle distinguish this from the Venus glyph.

MM: The circle of spirit rises over the cross of matter, topped off by the crescent of consciousness. The line of destiny or intellect struggles upward to be manifested in spiritual awareness.

Venus ===== Terrastel: The symbol often used for women.

MM: The ancient form of this glyph is the Egyptian ankh or ansata, signifying the giver of life. Again we see the spiritual circle of infinity above the cross of matter, matter trying to reach up to infinity. But Venus has another side; the glyph also represents the mirror held by the goddess Venus--the mirror which reflects our own attitudes and values. It can be the mirror of vanity or pleasure, or love and affection.

Mars ==== Terrastel: The symbol often used for men. Male genitalia.

MM: The circle of spirituality is at the lowest point of the glyph, the straight line is slanted upward, striving or driving to reach higher, yet ending in the barb of desire.

Jupiter ======= Terrastel: A 4 for FORtune.

MM: The crescent consciousness is higher than the cross of matter. The glyph starts on an earthly plane and struggles upward to new awareness, but the crescent faces backward and inward, and depending on what is found within, can become enlightened or self-oriented and self-indulgent.

Saturn ====== MM: The cross of matter is the elevated part of this glyph, Saturn representing matter in its purest sense. The crescent of consciousness curves first downward and inward, but ends with an upward and outward projection. Even on the most concrete level of earth, we first have to look at ourselves within, before we can reach out to others and finally reach up to evolve.

Uranus ====== MM: All straight lines, pure intellect without emotion. The cross of matter in the center rises from the circle of infinity, below the earth line from our deepest subconscious, flanked on each side by lines of destiny or abstract intellect.

Neptune ======= Terrastel: Neptune's trident.

MM: The crescent or soul force is pierced by the cross of matter, resulting in a symbol which looks like a three-pronged fork. Each prong denotes an aspect of human consciousness, all to be purified by Neptune's divine waters. The emotional crescent of the soul is divided by the physical aspects of life, again showing the struggle between body and soul, so well symbolized by the glyph for Pisces.

Pluto ===== MM: The crescent of consciousness above linked to the cross of matter below; hovering above it all is the circle of spirit. On its least evolved level, spirit would descend through the soul force to manifest as matter; on its highest level matter would rise through the soul force to regenerate as spirit, to be reborn.


Aries ===== Terrastel: The symbol for Aries is the ram; the glyph looks like the ram's horns.

MM: Aries is represented by two not quite completed crescents arising from the straight line of the intellect at the bottom. As the crescents move upward in a pouring out motion, they become like a fountain gushing forth the waters of consciousness. Thus Aries starts as an unemotional thinker (straight line), but continues as an emotional extrovert (pouring out to the right), ready to try everything on one hand, but remembering life as an introvert (Pisces) not so long ago, as the crescent pours within on the other side. Much of Aries' brass and bravura is to cover up this inner insecurity.

Taurus ======= Terrastel: The symbol for Taurus is the bull; the glyph is the head and horns of the bull.

MM: The circle of spirit below is supporting the soul force (crescent above); you could also say it depicts the circle of the sun supporting (illuminating) the crescent of the Moon. There are no straight lines; the symbol is all-feeling. The Moon always symbolizes the mother and growth. Thus the total glyph represents fertility.

Gemini ====== Terrastel: A nickname for Gemini is the Twins; the glyph looks like a Roman numeral 2.

MM: "Two pillars of wisdom tied together" are actually two lines of destiny connected by two horizontal or physical lines. The dual lines of mentality or intellect are linked by the physical on the lower level and the metaphysical on the higher level; therefore Gemini can bring the high plane to the lower, and vice versa. There are no curves here; the symbol is detached and cerebral.

Cancer ====== Terrastel: The symbol for Cancer is the Crab; the glyph is the Crab's claws.

MM: The two circles, or spiritual force, are on the inside of the symbol, so Cancer begins and ends on a spiritual level. Again we have the the combination of of the solar circle and the lunar crescent, depicting mother and fertility. Also observe the position of the the symbol; it shows the acts of taking and giving, within a totally protective design. No straight lines in this glyph either; like Taurus, Cancer is a responsive, emotive and sympathetic sign. In one of the old symbolic interpretations, this glyph denotes the merger of the male sperm with the female ovum, the actual act of fertilization.

Leo === Terrastel: Leo is symbolized by the Lion; here you see it's tail.

MM: The small circle starts on the earth line, pushes way up and then curves down below the earth or physical line. Dine love and power are brought to earth. Again, this glyph is all emotion, all curves. It also symbolically shows the vein (the small circle) leading to the coronary chamber (large curve) and the artery that pumps the blood through the system (downflow curve). Leo becomes the center through which all energy must flow and from which all life force emanates.

Virgo ===== Terrastel: I imagine a demure Virgo-type crossing her legs.

MM: The three straight lines represent three levels of consciousness; the conscious, the subconscious, and the super consciousness. The third line of the superconscious curves slightly upward, in an outpouring motion, but is held back by the last line which turns totally inward and ends below the horizon. Thus, despite its three levels of consciousness, Virgo becomes introvertive and materialistic (the symbol ends below the earth line). The coils of energy are kept from being released by the last stroke, which denotes a locked door. This could help you understand why Virgo is so involved with hard work and service--the constant effort to open that closed door, again and again. The old symbolic interpretation also depicts the untouched vagina, the three coils representing the ovaries and uterus and the closed loop denoting the intact hymen.

Libra ===== Terrastel: A stylized version of the scales, the symbol of Libra.

MM: The lower line describes the physical, the upper the metaphysical. The crescent in the metaphysical line points upward, symbolizing pure and divine justice. The higher nature of Libra is objective and unattached to matter. The two lines never touch, but Libra is not only mental (straight lines); the feeling curves of the lunar crescent are an important part of this sign. The other description of this glyph is the Sun sinking beneath the horizon; night will dominate. Libra is the border between night and day.

Scorpio ======= Terrastel: The tail of the scorpion.

MM: Again, three lines symbolize three levels of consciousness, but Scorpio's consciousness works differently from Virgo's. Line one represents the lower mind, imbued with animal desire (Scorpion); line two depicts the higher mind trying to evolve (the eagle); and line three incorporates the regenerative ability (the phoenix). The last stroke of the symbol is an upward curve, but instead of pouring out, it ends in a barb, a pointed carrier holding it back and imbuing it with earthly desire. This is also considered the symbol for the concentrated tension between the male sexual organ, as well as the tail of the scorpion raised in order to inflict death on its chosen victim.

Sagittarius =========== Terrastel: The symbol for Sagittarius is the Archer/Centaur; here you have its arrow.

MM: The lower part of the shaft connotes the animal nature of this symbol, likened to the centaur, half-horse, half-man. The upper part of the arrow shooting into the sky. The line dividing the shaft indicates duality or indecisiveness as to how or where to aim the great physical and mental powers. At its highest, the symbol characterizes aspirations released by the soul, its target: infinity. At its lowest Sagittarius does not really aim its arrow, and the barb at the end of the shaft holds it back to indulge in simple human desires.

Capricorn ========= Terrastel: The symbol for Capricorn is the mythical creature the Sea-Goat; here is the stylized curve of its body and tail.

MM: The line of intellect moves down into the realm of realism and materiality, then rises and at its highest level forms the circle of spirit; but the crescent of consciousness flows downward and below the earth level it ends by swinging inward, into self-consciousness. Please note that this intricate glyph is the only one of the zodiacal signs that incorporates the straight line, the crescent, and the circle.

Aquarius ======== Terrastel: Waves of water pouring out of the Water-Bearer's jug.

MM: This glyph consists of all angular lines which denote pure electrical impulses and magnetism. The lower physical and upper metaphysical lines both end by pointing upward, yet they never touch, indicating total detachment. There are no curves in this glyph; the waves portrayed here are those of electricity, not water. This symbol also mirrors the original glyph for water, *aqua* being the Latin word for water. But the water being poured out is supposed to symbolize the water of consciousness.

Pisces ====== MM: The two crescents of consciousness are back to back, tied by the horizontal line of matter. This line is in the middle, wavering between physical and metaphysical. The emotional forces of the two crescents, imbued within, are also being pulled in two directions, forward and backward illustrating the proverbial story of the two fish trying to swim in different directions. The glyph is also interpreted as the crescent of the finite consciousness, of man versus the infinite consciousness of the universe, the middle line describing earth where the two forces meet, thus depicting the struggle between body and soul.

An Astrological Herb Garden

THE HERB QUARTERLY spring issue 1997 An Astrology Garden based on a herbal by Nicholas Culpeper, 17th Century Apothecary. byChristina Stapley.Paracelsus an alchemist and doctor taught that the creation of the heavens was repeated within man.He believed that medicines for treating the organs were made up from herbs ruled by the appropriate planets . The sign or planet in parenthasis is when the herb is to be harvested, or prepared.

ARIES(under Mars) Blessed Thistle(Carduus benedictus) Garlic(Allium sativum) Rosemary(Rosemarinus officinalis ,{ venus, herb} Self-heal(Prunella vulgaris Cowslip(Primula veris{english}) Betony(Stachys betonica(jupiter) Mother of thyme(Acinos arvensis(Venus,herb) Sweet Marjoram (Origanum majorana(mercury,herb)

TAURUS(under Venus) Mints,(eau-de-cologne, peppermint and gingermint) Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare Violets, (white and sweet) Thymes(creeping thymes, bressingham pink, woolly thyme, and pine scented)(Mars herb) Lovage(Levisticum officinale,(sun,herb)

GEMINI(under Mercury) Elecampane(Inula helenium) White horehound (Marrubium vulgare) Lavender(Lavandula stoechas lavender) Greek valerian(Valeriana officinalis) Dill(Anethum graveolens) Mulberry(morus)

CANCER (under moon) Poppy(Papaver somniferum) Biennial clary sage(Salvia sclarea) Lemon balm(Melissa officinalis) Agrimony(Agrimonia eupatoria,(Jupiter,herb) Wormwood(Artemisia absinthium (Mars,herb)) Hyssop(Hyssopus officinalis(Jupiter,herb))

LEO( under Sun) Pot Marigold(Calendula officinalis) Angelica (Angelica officinalis) Bay(laurus Nobilis) Borage(Borago officinalis(Jupiter,herb) Motherwort(Leonurus cardiaca (venus,herb))

VIRGO (under Mercury) Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) Winter and summer savory (Satureja) southernwood(Artemisia abrotanum)

LIBRA(under venus) Yarrow(Achillea millefolium) Kidneywort (Cotyledon umbilicus) Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) Violets(Viola odorata) Wild Strawberry(Fragaria vesca) Sea holly(Eryngium maritimum

SCORPIO(under Mars) Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) French tarragon(Artemisia dracunculus) Chives(Allium schoenoprasum) Sweet basil(Ocimum basilicum(under venus)) Lady's mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris)

SAGITTARIUS(under jupiter) milk thistle(silybum marianum) Sages (Salvia, purple) Pinks (Dianthus) Houseleek(Sempervivum tectorum) Herb bennet(Geum urbanum) Clove gillyflowers (Matthiola)

CAPRICORN(under saturn) Comfrey(Symphytum officinate) Mullein(Verbascum thapsus) Solomon's Seal(Polygonatum multiflorum) Saturnine complaints,Bugle(Ajuga reptans)

AQUARIUS(under Saturn) Black hellebore(Helleborus niger) Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis) Greater knapweed (Centaurea scabiosa) Holly(ilex) Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)

PISCES (under neptune and jupiter) Alexander(Smyrnium Olusatrum) Agrimony(Agrimonia eupatoria) Lungwort (pulmonaria) Costmary(Tanacetum balsamita) Red rose(Rosa gallica officinalis) Sage(salvia species)

Try one or two herbs from each and make your own astological garden, either in a round bed or retangle one happy planting.


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