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    Welcome to my world of Astrology. Astrology is a grand passion for me. It has opened doorways to my soul and helped me to become a whole person. I became interested in Astrology and once I did I became hooked on it. I spent countless hours on the Web searching for Astrology sites that would give me more information, more to learn...and what I found was excellent, including my Fantastic Teacher, Christine Stribley who believes that the body, mind and spirit are all connected and brings that together in Astrology in a unique and exciting way and my Mentor, Linda Reid of Canopus Academy. But in all of my searching I didn't find one site that was completely dedicated to the Beginning Astrology student. So here, I will do just that. I will also provide a service where you can obtain customized Natal or transit charts and interpretations so that you can follow along with your own chart as a guide or you can give them as gifts to your friends and family. I have read and am continuing to read many books on Astrology. One can't have enough Books in my humble opinion. Go to the Bookstore to see a list of must have books and any others you could possibly want.

    I hope that learning astrology will be an all consuming love affair as it is with me. The first thing to do is Get Organized I'll give you some tips on how I've done it. Next I will go over some Basic Knowledge that everyone needs to know, the 4 Ingredients to every chart; Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects as well as some discussion of the elements see the Elemental Story below and Modalities. To learn a bit more you can check out More Knowledge. Other goodies to be found here include, Articles, A Mystery Chart of The Month, listing of Organizations, and a great collection of Links. Join me on a Journey to the Stars.


    I think it would be just great if beginner and intermediate students and anyone else for that matter had a place to ask questions and get quick feedback. Or if we are discussing a Mystery Chart this might be a good place to ask questions about it. So please go to my Forum for this...just click below

    This is meant to be an introduction and a basic overview of the basic Astrology principles and some tips on how to get started, which I found lacking when I first began. If you are interested in serious study whether for hobby or to become a Professional Astrologer visit the best school on the Web, Canopus Academy of Astrology. Linda Reid is the principal and she is just Wonderful...I can't say enough good things about her. She has a great site and a FREE beginners course that will really get you rolling with an appetite for more. Linda provides courses at the beginners, intermediate and advanced levels by correspondence, as well as subjects such as Horary and An Astrologial Weather Course with Carolyn Egan. Check it out!


    Below is a beautiful story from a beginning Astrologer who just writes beautifully and put the elements and signs into words that jumped out at me when I first read them. She has very graciously allowed me to place her work here on my site.

    An Elemental Story

    Jan Van Der Velde...Thank you for the beautiful story Jan!

    in the beginning there was Aries,
    a spark of inspiration born from the vast void that was the origin of it all.....
    A spark that triggered the fire of life that burns within ourselves...
    The little spark grew out to be an adult fire and in Leo the fire burns mighty as a self conscious Ego.
    A huge bonfire in your soul as a symbol of your own majesty.
    When the fire comes to its end,
    runs out of fuel, it spreads out in search for new fuel to burn..
    It searches for a reason to burn and when it found new fuel to enlighten,
    it teaches his knowledge of the original spark that once was his origin and lights a new fire with his spark of knowledge...

    When the winter turns into spring nature comes to live.
    Taurus grows his strong body by turning green and feeding himself with mother nature's resources.
    Taurus lays the fundaments for his earthly presence....
    When the earth matures Virgo analyzes the earth and picks out the useful items,
    sorts the grains from the weeds and will attend them until they bear fruit. 
    When the winter returns,
    the earth will be brought back to it's bare essence,
    leaves are falling and when the first snow begins to fall nature is put on hold.
    Capricorn knows that this is a law of nature that all has it cycle..
    Capricorn wrote it down long ago, the rules of our earthly life.
    Capricorn knows that winter has to be endured or else there will not come a new spring,
    so Capricorn will gladly obey the rules of nature for it has a practical use.

    With the birth of thoughts we became curious and went beyond ourselves to search for new impulses to let our thoughts expand.
    Gemini goes to school and talks with his little friends,
    feeds on new ideas and thoughts.
    Gemini visits new places and gathers new impressions,
    shares his thoughts with everyone..
    When the air becomes wiser and mature Libra takes his balance and weighs the thoughts and impressions gathered by Gemini and looks for their value or truth..
    Libra is the mature judge of our thoughts.
    The old and pensioned Judge looks back on his career and thinks of all the old cases he had in his court and gets the insight that everyone of these cases were unique..
    Aquarius knows that every individual is a product of how he thinks about himself, that his thinking is unique among the thinking of everyone else. 
    In this uniqueness we are all equal and we need to be tolerant to become one brotherhood of men.

    Water is the emotion that lays deep embedded within ourselves, a feeling that is most of the time hard to describe....
    Water was born from  "mother earth", a child wanted by it parents,
    a bonding stronger than words can describe,
    a stream always connected from source to ocean.
    The desire to bare fruit gave birth to a child whom they gave the caring name of Cancer;
    an emotion born from the desire to care.
    As water matures it moves from the swallow streams at the source to the wild running river that cuts deep into the landscape, where it becomes aware of the deepest feeling in this life;
    a constant transforming from birth to dead....
    A feeling far away, of  water submerging from the source floating  to the ocean...
    When the river flows into that great ocean it loses its identity,
    becomes one with the endless water.
    So the Pisces float freely in these vast waters and see beyond the horizon of this enormous ocean and express 
    the universal truth that by fire and air, water will fall down on earth and will stream to the ocean as a single stream once more to become one again.


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