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So, you want to learn Astrology...

The study of Astrology is an all encompassing one and can get very hectic and overwhelming at times. In order to keep yourself on the right track here are some tips to help you along your way.


The first thing I did before beginning my studies was read, read, read! I looked for everything I could get my hands on (and understand). I found the Mountain Astrologer and read through it cover to cover, not understanding much, but finding it thoroughly enjoyable, giving me the thirst to learn more. I then picked up a few general books on the subject that I think would be excellent for any beginner: The Only Way to Learn Astrology by Marion March and Joan McEvers, Astrology for Yourself by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch, and The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest. Another Fascinating book gives us an idea of the Mythos behind the signs, where they come from and why they mean what they do. This book is called Archetypes of The Zodiac by Kathleen Burt. I'll discuss more advanced books later. NOTE: Clicking on any of the linked books will take you straight to my Bookstore where you can easily purchase them through my association with


So now that you have done some reading you say you want to go on? The next thing you may want to do is check out some of the online/correspondence schools of astrology. Canopus Academy is my pick, but everyone needs to look for something that will suit their own needs. Check out some online sites for Schools of Astrology. There are also Professional Astrologers who take on students privately for teaching and mentoring. Below are some tips on searching for a school that will suit your needs:


So, you're signed up for school...Now what?

Just like Attending any other school you have to get organized. I bought 2 large looseleaf binders. In one I have all of my printed lessons, homework, and logs of tutorial sessions. In the other I keep a KEYWORD book, any articles of interest pertaining to my studies, and tidbits of information found online or in one of my e-mail lists. Be forewarned, this book can become huge, so either keep a seperate Keyword book (A good idea) or get yourself one of those 3" Binders. I will be starting on my second 3" binder shortly. I like the looseleaf style books as I can easily take things out and put them back and arrange them the way I like.

Keep a list of sources and resources. I printed out a list of Astrology Sites that have helped me along the way and these are included in my Links Page. Join an online mailing list. Be careful, at first you will probably not understand most of what the lovely people on these lists are discussing, but one day you will and in the meantime there is a wealth of education there...along with some Humor that can really make your day sometimes <grin>. Also, be careful because these lists tend to produce a lot of mail which I still haven't found time to read all of.

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. We can get so caught up in learning Astrology that it takes over our lives. DON'T LET IT!!! have a life, if you live, eat and breath Astrology every minute you will soon get overwhelmed or burned out. Take it nice and steady and remember to give yourself "Mental Fitness days" where you just put the astrology books away and go party! If you have a family don't forget about them...your tutors will understand and you can work at your own pace.

As you get further into your studies you will find yourself wanting to add more and more books to your library. One word of warning...books are addictive <g>. I use many of the Books I have gathered as reference material. I will read up on what I am studying or on a chart I am working on and use them to stimulate my intuition and knowledge. Below you will find a list of the books currently in my Astrology Library. All of them are available for purchase right here through association with It's simple, just click on a book and it will take you directly to that book on Amazon's site. Hit your back button to return here to pick another book...that's all there is to it!

Starfire's Astrology Library

Archetypes of The Zodiac by Kathleen Burt

The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest

Astrology For Yourself by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch

The American Ephemeris at Midnight Michelson

The Only Way to Learn Astrology Volume I by Marion March and Joan McEvers

The Only Way to Learn Astrology Volume II By Marion March and Joan McEvers

The Only Way to Learn Astrology Volume III by Marion March and Joan McEvers

Mythic Astrology by Guttman and Johnson

The Changing Sky by Steven Forrest

The Rising Sign by Jean Avery

Astrology For The Soul by Jan Spiller

Crossing The Threshold (Astrology and Dreaming) by Linda Reid

Planets in Synastry by E.W. Neville

Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George

The Eagle and The Lark by Bernadette Brady

Dynamics of Aspect Analysis by Bill Tierney

Pluto - Volume I by Jeffrey Wolf Green

Pluto - Volume II, The Soul's Evolution Through Relationships by Jeffrey Wolf Green

Planets In Transit by Robert Hand

Planets in Composite by Robert Hand

Astrology and Vibrational Healing by Donna Cunningham

Chiron by Barbara Hand Clow

The Art of Chart Interpretation By Tracy Marks

Chart Interpretation Handbook By Stephen Arroyo

Aspects And Personality By Karen Hamaker-Zondag

The House Connection By Karen hamaker-Zondag

Astrology For The Light Side of The Brain by Kim Rogers-Gallagher

The Twelve Faces of Saturn By Bill Tierney

Communicating The Horoscope by Noel Tyl

Synthesis and Counseling In Astrology By Noel Tyl

The Counseling Astrologer's Guidebook By Donna Cunningham

Finding Our Way Through The Dark by Demetra George

Mysteries of The Dark Moon By Demetra george

Saturn...A New Look at An Old Devil by Liz Greene

Bernadette Brady's Book of Fixed Stars By Bernadette Brady

The Gods Of Change By Howard Sasportas


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