Catholics of the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and the Great War


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Rev. Wilfred Boucher, P.P.

Summary: 43 enlisted, 4 killed, 2 wounded

Bonin, Sgt. Arthur, (promoted from ranks)               185th Bn., C.I.

Bond, Pte. Ned,                                         165th Bn., C.I.

Boudreau, Sgt. Anthony, (promoted from ranks)           A.E.F.

Boudreau, Sgt. James, (promoted from ranks)             A.E.F.

Boudreau, Pte. Wilfred,                                 10th Siege Batt., C.G.A.

Bourque, Pte. Henry,                                    165th Bn., C.I.

BRETTEN, PTE. STANISLAUS,                               1st Depot Bn.

Coiffe, Pte. Paul,                                      no entry

Doyle, Pte. Alexander,                                  no entry

Doyle, Pte. Henry,                                      no entry

Doyle, Pte. Matthew,                                    C.A.M.C.

Fougere, Pte. Alphonse,                                 1st Depot Bn.

FOUGERE, PTE. ANTHONY,                                  C.A.M.C.
 Killed 26 May, 1918
 Son of Dominique Fougere, Jr. &
 Alvina Mary 'Vena' Fougere

Fougere, Cpl. Leonard,                                  165th Bn., C.I.

Harding, Pte. Walter,                                   165th Bn., C.I.

*Hynes, Sgt. Fraser, (promoted from ranks),             221st Bn., C.I.

Joyce, Sgt. Clancy, (promoted from ranks),              165th Bn., C.I.
  Son of Henri 'Henry' Josse &
  Adele Margaret Maguet
  (Surname became Joyce)

Joyce, Pte. Joseph,                                     C.F.A.

Kehoe, Pte. Charles,                                    1st Depot Bn.

Landry, Pte. Marcellin,                                 1st Depot Bn.

Landry, Pte. Bonaventure,                               no entry

Langlois, Cpl. Ambroise,                                165th Bn., C.I.

Langelois, Pte. Bartholomew,                            C.A.M.C.

Latimer, Cpl. Irving,                                   1st Depot Bn.

LeBlanc, Pte. Henry,                                    17th Reserve Bn., C.I.

LeBlanc, Pte. Isaac,                                    64th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Lennox,                                 1st Depot Bn.

*McGrath, Pte. Patrick,                                 185th Bn., C.I.

PERTUS, LIEUT. ALPHONSE REMI,                           165th Bn., C.I. & R.A.F.
Son of Capt. Alfred Pertus & 
Susanne (Hebert) Pertus of Poulamon
Killed in Scotland

Pettipas, Q.M. Sgt. Leonard Alphonse, 
(promoted from ranks),                                  165th Bn., C.I.

Pettipas, Lieut. Mederic,                               22nd Bn., C.I.

Poirier, Pte. Arthur,                                   no entry

Poirier, Pte. Chrisanthus,                              Princess Pats Bn., C.I.

Poirier, Pte. Edward,                                   no entry

POIRIER, SIGNALLER, HUBERT FIDELE                       165th Bn., C.I.
  Killed in France 30 Apr 1918
  Son of Arthur D. Poirier &
  Martha 'Agnes' Langlois

Poirier, Lauchlin, Israel 'Lochie' (rank not entered)   165th Bn., C.I.
  Son of Isidore Poirier &
  Barbara Marie Langlois
  St. Hyacinth's Parish Cemetery
  Headstone reads:
  Poirier, Lauchlin 1896  1972
  Poirier, Marie Anita 1896  1986 Wife

Poirier, Gnr. Linus,                                    10th Siege Batt., C.G.A.

Poirier, Cpl. Phileas,                                  165th Bn., C.I.

Poirier, Pte. Rudulph,                                  165th Bn., C.I.
  Son of Henry 'John T.' Poirier &
  Marie Alvina Poirier

Poirier, Pte. Wilfred,                                  R.A.F.

Samson. Pte. Angus,                                     185th Bn., C.I.
  Son of Pierre 'Peter' Samson &
  Jeanne 'Jane' Burke

Samson, Pte. Prudent,                                   185th Bn., C.I.
 Son of Pierre 'Peter' Samson &
  Jeanne 'Jane' Burke

Shannon, Pte. Alphonse,                                 1st Depot Bn.



Rev. J. J. MacNeil, P.P.

Summary: 115 enlisted, 22 killed, 12 wounded

AuCoin, Pte. Thomas D.,                                  64th Bn., C.I.

Boozan, Dvr. John,                                       No. 1 Field Batt., C.F.A.

Boozan, Pte. Thomas,                                     185th Bn., C.I.

*Boutilier, Pte. William,                                25th Bn., C.I.
(son of Charles Boutilier &
Amelia Benoit)

Burrows, Spr. George,                                    No. 1 Howitzer Batt., C.F.A.

Bullock, Pte. Frank,                                     185th Bn., C.I.

CAMPBELL, PTE. CHARLES,                                  25th Bn., C.I.

*Campbell, Cpl. Roderick,                                185th Bn., C.I.

CANN, PTE. JAMES,                                        25th Bn., C.I.

Cann, Pte. John.                                         85th Bn., C.I.

Chant, Pte. John L.,                                     94th Regiment

Chant, Pte. John,                                        94th Regiment

*Chiasson, Cpl. C.M.,                                    64th Bn., C.I.

Chiasson, Pte. John,                                     85th Bn., C.I.

Chiasson, Pte. William,                                  C.A.M.C.

Delaney, Pte. Murdock,                                   185th Bn., C.I.

Desveaux, Cpl. Daniel,                                   94th Regiment

DESVEAUX, BUGLER HECTOR,                                 185th Bn., C.I.

DESVEAUX, PTE. MICHAEL,                                  85th Bn., C.I.

DESVEAUX, PTE. NEIL J.,                                  185th Bn., C.I.

Dooley, Pte. Alexander,                                  185th Bn., C.I.

DOOLEY, PTE. THOMAS,                                     185th Bn., C.I.

DOOLEY, PTE. MAURICE,                                    185th Bn., C.I.

Dooley, Pte. William,                                    185th Bn., C.I.

Farrell, Pte. Joseph,                                    1st Bn., C.R.T.

FLEMMING, CPL. EDWARD,                                   185th Bn., C.I.

Furlong, Farrier Thomas, 
Note: A farrier is one who shoes horses.                 C.A.S.C.

Gallant, Capt. Chas. F.,                                 85th Bn., C.I.

GARDINER, PTE. JOSEPH,                                   25th Bn., C.I.

GILDAY, PTE. CLEMENT,                                    64th Bn., C.I.

*Gilday, Cpl. W.H.,                                      82nd Bn., C.I.

GILLIS, CPL. JOHN P.,                                    85th Bn., C.I.

Gillis, Pte. Alex. G.,                                   185th Bn., C.I.

Gillis, Pte. Joseph,                                     85th Bn., C.I.

HACHE, PTE. HECTOR,                                      106th Bn., C.I.

Lefort, Pte. Joseph,                                     185th Bn., C.I.

Lambert, Pte. George,                                    94th Reg't.

Leaver, Dvr. Dan J.,                                     C.D.A.C.

Leaver, Pte. Leo,                                        1st Depot Bn.

Levengle, Pte. Emile,                                    85th Bn., C.I.

Livingston, Pte. Hibbert,                                1st. Depot Bn.

*Legere, Cpl. William,                                   106th Bn., C.I.

*Maillard. Pte. Henry,                                   85th Bn., C.I.

MEECHAN, PTE. JAMES.                                     85th Bn., C.I.

Murrins, Pte. Thomas,                                    185th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Angus C.,                                85th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. A.K.,                                    No. 1 Tunnelling Co.

MACDONALD, PTE. DANIEL,                                  49th Bn., C.I.

MACDONALD, PTE. H.H.,                                    C.R.L.B. Co.

MacDonald, Pte. James,                                   185th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Gnr. J.J.,                                    No. 6 Siege Batt., C.G.A.

(promoted from Sgt.),                                    1st & 9th Bns., C.I.

MACDONALD, PTE. WILLIAM J.,                              25th Bn., C.I.

MacInnis, Pte. John A.,                                  185th Bn., C.I.

MacInnis, Pte. Neil Joseph,                              185th Bn., C.I.

MacInnis, Pte. Neil J.,                                  17th Res. Bn., C.I.

MacInnis, Cpl. John C.,                                  64th Bn., C.I.

MACINTYRE, PTE. HUGH,                                    40th Bn., C.I.

MacIntyre, Pte. Hector,                                  1st Depot Bn.

MacIntyre, Pte. J. A.,                                   40th Bn., C.I.

MacIntyre, Pte. Michael,                                 185th Bn., C.I.

MacIntyre, Pte. Michael, Jr.,                            185th Bn., C.I.

MACINTYRE, PTE. NORMAN,                                  85th Bn., C.I.

MACLELLAN, SGT. DAN J.,                                  8th Bn., C.I.

MacLellan, Pte. John Duncan,                             no entry

McDougall, Pte. Hector,                                  185th Bn., C.I.

McDougall, Pte. John R.,                                 246th Bn., C.I.

McInnis, Pte. Dan James,                                 1st Depot Bn.

McIntosh, Pte. Dan,                                      40th Bn., C.I.

*McIntyre, Sgt. Angus,
promoted from ranks                                      No. 1 Howitzer Batt., C.F.A.

McIntyre, Dvr. Dan,                                      No.1 Heavy Artillery, C.F.A.

McKenzie, Pte. Ronald,                                   1st Bn., C.I.

McKinnon, Pte. Alex. J.,                                 185th Bn., C.I.

McKinnon, Pte. A. J.,                                    85th Bn., C.I.

McKinnon, Pte. James,                                    185th Bn., C.I.

McKinnon, Pte. James P.,                                 185th Bn., C.I.

McKinnon, Pte. James J.,                                 94th Reg't.

McKinnon, Pte. William,                                  No. 1 Siege Batt., C.G.A.

McLean, Sgt. Allan, 
(promoted from ranks),                                   64th Bn., C.I.

McLean, Major John James, 
(promoted from Lieut.),                                  C.R.T.

McMullin, Pte. hugh,                                     94th Reg't.

McMullin, Cpl. James,                                    185th Bn., C.I.

*McNeil, Pte. Angus,                                     85th Bn., C.I.

*McNeil, Pte.  Alex,                                     64th Bn., C.I.

McNeil, Pte. Alphonsus,                                  185th Bn., C.I.

McNeil, Pte. Dan J.,                                     264th Bn., C.I.

McNeil, Pte. Dan,                                        1st Depot Bn.

McNeil, Pte. Hector,                                     185th Bn., C.I.

McNeil, Sgt. James B., D.C.M., M.M., & bar 
(promoted from ranks)                                     85th Bn., C.I.

McNeil, Cpl. John, M.M.,                                  25th Bn., C.I.

McNeil, Pte. Malcolm A.,                                  1st Depot Bn.

McNeil, Pte. Peter,                                       85th Bn., C.I.

McNeil, Pte. Ronald,                                      40th Bn., C.I.

McPhee, Pte. Arthur,                                      no entry 

McPhee, Pte. Dan,                                         1st Depot Bn.

Nearing, Pte. Charles,                                    40th Bn., C.I.

*O'Handley, Pte. Dan,                                     40th Bn., & 25th Bn., C.I.

O'HANDLEY, SPR. JAMES,                                    64th Bn., C.I.

O'Handley, Bandsman Malcolm,                              85th Bn., C.I.

Olson, Pte. James,                                        1st Depot Bn.

Olson, Pte. John,                                         3rd C.F.A.

Peter, Pte. Joseph,                                       1st Depot Bn.

Pickup, Pte. Alfred,                                      25th Bn., C.I.

**Pickup, Pte. Francis,                                   25th Bn., C.I.

Poirier, Pte. Didace,                                     64th Bn., C.I.

Poirier, Pte. Joseph,                                     94th Reg't.

QUANN, PTE. RODERICK,                                     185th Bn., C.I.

Quann, Pte. John,                                         185th Bn., C.I.

*Roberts, Pte. John,                                      No. 1 Tunnelling Co.

Vervack, Pte. Joseph,                                     94th Reg't.

Warren, Spr. George J.,                                   185th Bn., C.I.

Wynn, Pte. Joseph,                                        40th Bn., & 25th Bn., C.I.

Wynn, Pte. Thomas,                                        40th Bn., C.I. & C.R.T.

Wells, Pte. Richard,                                      1st Depot Bn.

Missed names & other data:

BOUTILIER, William "Billy", b. 1 Jan 1883, (son of Charles Boutilier and Amelia Benoit), Regimental No. 68288, joined with the 40th Battalion on 31 Mar 1915, transferred to the 25th Battalion, C.I., with which he went Overseas. He was seriously gassed, repatriated home, and spent most of the following time in Camp Hill Hospital, Halifax, until his death on 19 Apr 1929. Death being the result of the continuing effects of the deadly German gas.



Rev. M. MacCormick, P.P.

Summary: 74 enlisted, 7 killed, 3 wounded

Campbell, Gnr. Angus D.,                                   10th Siege Batt., C.G.A.

CAMPBELL, PTE. DAN. J.,                                    R. C. Rifles

Campbell, Pte. John A.,                                    94th Bn., C.I.

CAMPBELL, GNR. JOHN D.,                                    17th Field Batt., C.F.A.

Campbell, Pte. John S.,                                    185th Bn., C.I.

Campbell, Cadet Martin,                                    R.A.F.

Curry, Pte. Allan,                                         1st Depot Bn.

Curry, Pte. Dougald,                                       no entry

Curry, Gnr. Hugh,                                          17th Batt., C.F.A.

Curry, John,                                               no entry

Curry, Gnr. J. Alex,                                       17th Batt., C.F.A.

Curry, Pte. John J.,                                       25th Bn., C.I.

*Curry, Pte. John J.,                                      185th Bn., C.I.

Curry, Pte. John P.,                                       94th Bn., C.I.

Curry, Sgt. Lauchie                                        94th Bn., C.I.

Curry, Pte. Neil,                                          no entry

Curry, Pte. Patrick,                                       94th Bn., C.I.

Curry, Pte. Peter,                                         94th Bn., C.I.

Curry, Pte. Ronald,                                        85th Bn., C.I.

*Curry, Pte. Ronald R.,                                    25th bn., C.I.

Gillis, Lieut. Colin A., 
(promoted from ranks),                                     A.E.F.

Gillis, N.S.C.,                                            C.A.M.C.

Gillis, Gnr. Hugh,                                         10th Siege Batt., C.G.A.

Gillis, Pte. James,                                        1st Depot Bn.

Gillis, Sgt. Martin, 
(promoted from ranks),                                     25th Bn., C.I.

Gillis, Pte. Patrick,                                      85th Bn., C.I.

Landy, Emmet J.,                                           no entry

MacAdam, Pte. Alexander,                                   1st Depot Bn.

MacAdam, Allan,                                            no entry

MacAdam, Sgt. John A., 
(promoted from ranks),                                     36th Batt., C.F.A.

MacDonald, Sgt. Angus,                                     25th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Sgt. Dan Louis, 
(promoted from ranks),                                     1st Depot Bn.

MacDonald, Pte. Hector,                                    185th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Gnr. Hugh,                                      8th Siege Batt., C.G.A.

MacDonald, Pte John Allan                                  1st Depot Bn.

MacDonald, Sgt. John A.,
Son of Michael MacDonald & Mary Ann MacAdam
of Northside, East Bay                                     Can. Pioneer Bn.

MacDonald, Gnr. John,                                      17th Batt., C.F.A.

MacDonald, Gnr. John J.,                                   17th Field Batt., C.F.A.

MacDonald, Pte. Lauchie,                                   185th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Gnr. L. J.,                                     86th Batt., C.F.A.

MacDonald, Gnr. Neil J.                                    10th Siege Batt., C.G.A.

MacDonald, Norman,                                         Canadian Navy

MacDonald, Pte. Ronald,                                    C.A.M.C.

MacGillivray, Gnr. Lawrence,                               10th Siege Batt., C.G.A.

MACGILLIVRAY, PTE. STEVE,                                  Black Watch Reg't.

MacInnis, Pte. John F.,                                    94th Bn., C.I.

MacIntyre, Pte. Alexander,                                 25th Bn., C.I.

MACINTYRE, SGT. ALLAN, M.M. with bar,                      25th Bn., C.I.

Macintyre, Pte. Dan J.,                                    14th Bn., C.I.

MacIntyre, Pte. Donald J.,                                 1st Depot Bn.

MacIntyre, Sailor Joseph,                                  Canadian Navy

MacIntyre, Pte. Neil,                                      25th Bn., C.I.

MACISAAC, GNR. JOHN R.,                                    5th Batt., C.F.A.

MacIsaac, Gnr. Joseph A.,                                  36th Field Batt., C.F.A.

MacIsaac, Pte. Peter,                                      1st Depot Bn.

MACISAAC, GNR. STEPHEN,                                    36th Batt., C.F.A.

MacKinnon, Sgt. Joseph D.,                                 94th Bn., C.I.

MacKinnon, Pte. Michael,                                   1st Depot Bn.

MacLean, Pte. Alex. J.,                                    1st Depot Bn.

MacLean, Pte. John,                                        1st Depot Bn.

*MacLellan, Pte. Dan. James,                               25th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Charles,                                          R.A.F.

MacNeil, Pte. James,                                       185th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Pte. John,                                        25th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Pte. Michael,                                     1st Depot Bn.

MacNeil, Pte. Neil,                                        1st Depot Bn.

MacPhee, Pte. Angus J.,                                    36th Batt., C.F.A.

MacPhee, Sgt. Dan. V.,                                     106th Bn., C.I.

MacPhee, Pte. Dougald J.,                                  185th Bn., C.I.

MacPhee, Pte. Joseph,                                      1st Depot Bn.

MacPherson, John,                                          C.R.T.

MORRISON, PTE. ANGUS J.,                                   R.C. Rifles

O'Handley, Pte. John,                                      1st Depot Bn.

Steele, Gnr. Dan.,                                         17th Field Batt., C.F.A.


Rev. F. Broussard, P.P.

Summary: 69 enlisted, 4 killed, 7 wounded

Arsenault, Pte. Alexis,                                     165th Bn., C.I.

Arsenault, Pte. Simon P.                                    25th Bn., C.I.

AuCoin, Pte. E.,                                            23rd Reserve Bn.

AuCoin, Pte. F.A.,                                          1st Depot Bn.

*AuCoin, Pte. Jeffrey G.,                                   64th & 26th Bns., C.I.

AuCoin, Pay Sgt. Joseph D.,                                 C.F.C. & C.A.P.C.

AuCoin, Lieut. Joseph D.,                                   94th Argyle Highlanders

AuCoin, Pte. Moses L.,                                      A.E.F.

*AuCoin, Pte. Pierre G.,                                    40th Bn., C.I.

AuCoin, Pte. Patrick P.,                                    165th Bn., C.I.

AuCoin, Pte. Placide,                                       1st Depot Bn.

AuCoin, Pte. Simon P.,                                      1st Depot Bn.

AuCoin, Pte. Thomas D.,                                     64th Bn., C.I.

AuCoin, Pte. William,                                       165th Bn., C.I.

***AuCoin, Pte. William,                                    46th Bn., C.I.

AuCoin, Pte. William D.,                                    1st Depot Bn.

Chiasson, Calixte M.,                                       25th Bn., C.I.

Chiasson, Pte. John A.,                                     A.E.F. Engineers

Chiasson, Lieut. Joseph,                                    A.E.F.

Chiasson, Pte. Thomas,                                      1st Depot Bn.

Cormier, Pte. Patrick,                                      2nd Depot Bn.

Cormier, Spr. Joseph,                                       no entry

Cormier, Pte. Joseph,                                       162nd Bn., C.I.

CORMIER, SPR. ARSENE,                                       25th Bn., C.I.

Cormier, Pte. James,                                        63rd Bn., C.I.

Cormier, Dominique,                                         C.E.

Delaney, John E.,                                           British Navy

Delaney, Pte. Joseph W.,                                    185th Bn., C.I.

Delaney, Pte. Leon,                                         160th Bn., C.I.

*Delaney, Pte. Amédée,                                      185th Bn., C.I.

Delaney, Spr.                                               John, C.E.

Delaney, Pte. Dennis,                                       1st Depot Bn.

Delaney, Pte. Patrick,                                      1st Depot Bn.

Delaney, Pte. Stephen J.,                                   165th Bn., C.I.

Deveau, Pte. Damase,                                        1st Depot Bn.

Deveau, Cpl. Peter,                                         58th Bn., C.I.

Deveau, Pte. Thomas,                                        165th Bn., C.I.

Deveau, Pte. Wilfred,                                       1st Depot Bn.

Deveau, Pte. William,                                       104th Inf. Bn., A.E.F.

Doucet, Pte. Joseph,                                        C.F.C.

*Doucet, Pte. Moise D.,                                     38th Bn., C.I.

Doucet, Pte. Anselm A.                                      193rd Bn. C.I.

Doucet, Pte. Placide A.,                                    C.F.A.

Doucet, Pte. John A.,                                       Depot Bn.

**Doucet, Sgt. Romuald F.,                                  57th Bn., C.I.

Doucet, Sgt. George E.,                                     165th Bn., C.I.

Doucet, Dvr. Gabriel T.,                                    13th Bn., C.I.

Doucet, Dvr. Wm. H.,                                        C.F.A.

Doucet, Pte. Joseph,                                        1st Depot Bn.

Doucet, Pte. Joseph D.,                                     165th Bn., C.I.

DOUCET, PTE. JOHN D.,                                       85th Bn., C.I.

Doucet, Pte. Abraham D.,                                    165th Bn., C.I.

**Doucet, Pte. Marcellin D.,                                27th Bn., C.I.

Doucet, Pte. Calixte M.,                                    165th Bn., C.I.

Doucet, Pte. Philip G.,                                     R.A.F.

Gaudet, Pte. Dennis W.,                                     A.E.F.

LEBLANC, PTE. DANIEL,                                       185th Bn., C.I.

LeBlanc, Pte. Hebert,                                       185th Bn., C.I.

LeBlanc, Pte. James L.,                                     1st Depot Bn.

LeBlanc, Pte. Moses,                                        17th Res. Bn.

Lelievre, Pte. Didace,                                      85th Bn., C.I.

Lelievre, Pte. Dennis,                                      63rd Bn., C.I.

Lelievre, Pte. Severin,                                     13th Can. Res. Bn.

POIRIER, PTE. ELIAS,                                        27th Bn., C.I.

Poirier, Spr. Moses,                                        3rd Tunnelling Bn.

Poirier, Dvr. Martin,                                       C.E.

Reynard, Pte. Thomas,                                       165th Bn.,  C.I.

Raynard, Pte. Joseph,                                       1st Depot Bn.

Shomph, Alex, 
(rank not listed),                                          A.E.F.


Rev. R. MacNeil, P.P.

Summary: 43 enlisted, 7 killed, 9 wounded

Camden, Pte. Albert,                                        no entry

Chisholm, Pte. Joseph,                                      1st Depot Bn.

CHISHOLM, JOHN,                                             54th Bn., C.I.

Gillis, Major Andrew C.,                                    U.S.M.C.

Gillis, Pte. John A.,                                       A.E.F.

MacDonald, Pte. Alex. C.,                                   Western Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Archibald,                                  Western Bn., C.I.

MACDONALD, PTE. DANIEL VINCENT,                             26th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Dan,                                        no entry

*MacDonald, Pte. D.A.,                                      193rd Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Sgt. Dougald,                                    no entry

MacDonald, Pte. Colin,                                      A.E.F.

MACDONALD, PTE. HUGH D.,                                    Western Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Hugh,                                       1st Depot Bn.

MacDonald, Pte. James,                                      no entry

MacDonald, Pte. John Dan,                                   no entry

*MacDonald, Pte. Peter,                                     8th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Ronald,                                     no entry

**MacDonald, Pte. William,                                  106th Bn., C.I.

MacDonald, Pte. Will,                                       A.E.F.

MacDougall, Pte. Angus R.,                                  no entry

*MacDougall, Pte. Alexander,                                7th Bn., C.I.

MacDougall, Pte. Archibald A.,                              C.E.

MacDougall, Pte. Duncan A.,                                 no entry

MacDougall, Pte. Dan J.,                                    C.F.C.

*MacEachern, Sgt. Dan,                                      193rd Bn., & 42nd R.C.H., C.I.

MACGILLIVRAY, PTE. DOUGALD,                                 193rd Bn., C.I.

*MacGillivray, Pte. Alex,                                   no entry

**MacGillivray, Pte. Hugh D.,                               R.C.R., C.I.

MacGillivray, L-Cpl. R. J.,                                 no entry

MacIsaac, Pte. A. J.,                                       no entry

MacIsaac, Pte. John N.,                                     13th C.M.G.C.

MacIsaac, Pte. Alex,                                        no entry

MacKenzie, Pte. James,                                      72nd Seaforth Highlanders

MacKinnon, Cpl. W. D.,                                      85th Bn., C.I.

MACCLELLAN, PTE. HUGH,                                      A.E.F.

*MacNeil, Pte. D.D.,                                        64th Bn., C.I.

MacNeil, Pte. Kenneth,                                      no entry

*MacPherson, Cpl. Alex,                                     no entry

MACPHERSON, PTE. JOHN,                                      5th Bn., C.I.

MANSFIELD, PTE. WILLIAM,                                    85th Bn., C.I.


Copyright ©Transcribed by Joan Hapeman Somers
30 June 1998