Catholics of the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and the Great War

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Rev. Dr. A. Thompson, P.P.

Summary: 191 enlisted, 29 killed, 49 wounded

ARSENAULT, PTE. JOHN C.                          40th Bn., 

AuCoin, Pte. Arsene                              85th Bn., C.I.

AUCOIN, PTE. HERBERT,                            R.C.R.,C.I.

Austen, Pte. Edward,                             118th Bn., C.I.

*Austen, Pte. John,                              64th Bn., C.I.

*Boutilier, Pte. Edward,                         40th Bn., C.I.

BAILEY, PTE. JOHN,                               R.C.R., C.I.

*Buckley, Pte. Fabian,                           36th Bn., C.I.

*Buckley, Pte. Frank,                            25th Bn., C.I.

Burke, Gnr. John J.,                             No. 1 Howitzer Batt., C.F.A.

*Burton, Pte. P. J.,                             R.C.R., C.I.

Burns, Pte. Samuel,                              185th Bn., C.I.

Campbell, Pte. Daniel R.,                        C.E.

Campbell, Pte. James,                            R.C.R., C.I.

Campbell, Pte. Sydney,                           C.A.M.C.

Campbell, Cadet William,                         R.A.F.

Carroll. Lieut. W. F.,                           85th Bn., C.I.

Casey, Pte. Edward J.,                           40th Bn., C.I.

Casey, Pte. John,                                25th Bn., C.I.

Cogswell, Spr. Nelson,                           R.E.

*Currie, Lieut. Bernard, M.M., 
promoted from ranks,                             25th Bn., C.I.

CURRIE, Pte. DOUGALD,                            185th Bn., C.I.

*Currie, John W. no rank,                        185th & 42nd. Bns., C.I.

*Currie, Gnr. Thomas,                            36th Batt., C.F.A.

*Collivert, Pte. James,                          85th Bn., C.I.

CURRY, GNR. JOHN ALLAN,                          17th Batt., C.F.A.

Curtis, Pte. James,                              106th Bn., C.I.

Curtis, Pte. Jerry,                              40th Bn., C.I.

Curtis, Pte. Lawrence,                           185th Bn., C.I.

CURTIS, PTE. WILLIAM,                            25th Bn., C.I.

DEVEAUX, PTE. MICHAEL,                           40th Bn., C.I.

Edmund, Dvr. Celestine,                          10th Howitzer Batt., C.F.A.

*Farrell, Pte. Alexander Bernard,                85th Bn., C.I.

*Farrell, Pte. Daniel,                           50th Bn., C.I.

***Frost, Gnr. A. G.,                            48th Batt., C.F.A.

Frost, Sgt. C. H.,                               10th Siege Batt., C.G.A.

Gannon, Lieut. John W.,                          C.A.M.C.

*Gilday, Pte. Michael,                           C.R.T.

*Gillis, Pte. Charles,                           1st Tunnelling Co.

*Gillis, Pte. John,                              no entry

Gillis, Gnr. John James,                         33rd Batt., C.F.A. 

Gillis, Gnr. John F.,                            Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 

**Gillis, Sgt. Michael,                          17th Batt., C.F.A.

Gimlets, Gnr. Victor,                            C.F.A. 

*Gouthro, Pte. John,                             25th Bn., C.I.

**Gracie, Pte. R. P.,                            40th Bn., C.I.

*Gracie, Pte. Robert,                            no entry

*Guthro, Pte. Clyde,                             no entry

Guthro, Pte. Vincent,                            40th Bn., C.I.

HAWLEY, PTE. COLIN,                              C.D.A.C.

*Hawley, Pte. Vincent,                           C.D.A.C.

**Hest, L-Cpl. Ernest, M.M.,                     40th Bn., C.I.

Jackson, Russell,                                no entry

Jamieson, Pte. John Joseph,                      17th Res. Bn., C.I.

Jamieson, Gnr. Neil,                             3rd Can. Siege Batt., C.G.A.

**Jessome, Pte. Wallace,                         185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I.
(son of Henery & Elizabeth Jessome
of North Street, Glace Bay)

Jessome, Pte. William,                           C.E.
(son of Henery & Elizabeth Jessome
of North Street, Glace Bay)

Johnstone, Pte. John Joseph,                     28th Bn., C.I.

JOHNSTONE, PTE. STEPHEN,                         185th Bn., C.I.

LeBlanc, Pte. Pierre,                            165th Bn., C.I.

*Lee, James Michael,                             Tunnelling Co.

Ling, Thomas,                                    Tunnelling Co.

MALLOY, PTE. JAMES,                              25th Bn., C.I.

Melanson, Pte. Arthur,                           185th Bn., C.I.

**Morrison, Pte. Dan. Joseph,                    26th Bn., C.I.

MORRISON, PTE. MALCOLM,                          26th Bn., C.I.
**Muir, Pte. Hugh,                               25th Bn., C.I. 
*Mullins, Pte. J. F.,                            85th Bn., C.I. 
**Murphy, Pte. Angus,                            64th Bn., & 25th Bn., C.I. 
McAree, Q-M. Sgt. Alex., M.M.,                   85th Bn., C.I. 
McCabe, Pte. Joseph,                             185th Bn., C.I. 
McCabe, Pte. William,                            40th Bn., C.I. 
MCCORMICK, PTE. ARCHIE,                          25th Bn., C.I. 
McCormick, Pte. Dan Louis,                       40th Bn., C.I. 
McCormick, Pte. John,                            94th Reg't. 
MacCORMACK, PTE. WILLIAM,                        
Born 1894 Gassed & Died 1918
Never married
Son of Stephen John MacCormack &
Jane MacIntosh                                   40th Bn., C.I.
**McDonald, Pte. Archie K.,                      1st Tunnelling Co. 
McDonald, Gnr. Alex,                             C.D.A.C. 
McDonald, Spr. Angus,                            R.E. 
McDonald, Pte. Alex. Francis,                    C.E. 
**McDonald, Sgt. Major Angus K., D.C.M.,         6th Batt., C.F.A. 
McDonald, Pte. Angus,                            A.E.F. 
McDonald, Pte. Archie,                           25th Bn., C.I. 
MCCDONALD, PTE. DANIEL J.,                       40th Bn., C.I. 
*McDonald, Pte. Dan J.,                          106th Bn., C.I. 
*McDonald, Pte. Dan K.,                          3rd Bn., C.I.  
*McDonald, Pte. Daniel,                          27th Bn., C.I. 
McDonald, Pte. Daniel J.,                        64th Bn., C.I. 
MCDONALD, PTE. JAMES,                            85th Bn., C.I. 
McDonald, Pte. John,                             6th Batt., C.F.A. 
*McDonald, Pte. John J.,                         25th Bn., C.I. 
McDonald, Kenneth,                               185th Bn., C.I. & C.M.G.C. 
McDonald, Pte. John Allan,                       C.R.T. 
McDonald, Pte. John Francis,                     40th Bn., C.I. 
MCDONALD, PTE. MURDOCH,                          40th Bn., C.I. 
McDonald, Pte. Ronald,                           1st Depot Bn. 
McDonald, Pte. Ronald J.,                        85th Bn., C.I. 
*McDonald, Pte. Thomas Allan,                    185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 
McDonald, Pte. William A.,                       C.F.C. 
*McDonald, Pte. Thomas,                          no entry 
MACDOUGALL, PTE. HECTOR,                         64th Bn., C.I. 
MacDougall, Pte. John,                           2nd Tunnelling Co. 
MacDougall, Pte. John,                           C.R.T. 
MacDougall, Pte. John,                           Construction Corps. 
***MacEachern, Pte. Alex,                        25th Bn., C.I. 
MACEACHERN, PTE. JAMES,                          4th Can. Pioneer Bn. 
MacFarlane, John, no rank,                       C.A.M.C. 
MacGillivray, Sgt. Alexander,                    36th Batt., C.F.A. 
MacGillivray, Cpl. Hugh, D.C.M.,                 1st Tunnelling Co. 
MacGillivray, Pte. John W.,                      185th Bn., C.I. 
*MacGillivray, Pte. William,                     25th Bn., C.I. 
*MacInnis, Pte. D.J.,                            R.C.R., C.I. 
MacInnis, Cpl. Michael,                          30th Inf. Bn., A.E.F. 
*MacInnis, Cpl. Neil, M.M.,                      R.C.R., C.I. 
*MacIntosh, Pte. Thomas,                         T.M.B., C.F.A. 
MacIntyre, Pte. Alphonsus,                       1st. Depot Bn. 
MacIntyre, Pte. Dan,                             C.F.C. 
MACINTYRE, PTE. JOHN,                            25th Bn., C.I. 
MacIntyre, Pte. John R.,                         1st Depot Bn. 
MacIsaac, M.B.,                                  no entry 
MacIsaac, Pte. Peter,                            C.E. 
MACISAAC, PTE. JOSEPH E.,                        2nd Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
*MacKay, Pte. Neil,                              Pr. Pats., C.L.I.  
MacKenzie, Pte. Alexander,                       1st Tunnelling Co. 
*MacKenzie, Dvr. Alex.,                          36th Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 
MacKenzie, Pte. John J.,                         25th Bn., C.I. 
MacKenzie, Pte. Joseph L.,                       2nd Pioneer Bn. 
*MacKie, Pte. John,                              85th Bn., C.I. 
MacKinnon, Gnr. Alexander,                       No. 1 Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 
MACKINNON, DVR. ALLAN,                           2nd C.D.A.C. 
*MacKinnon, Pte. Angus,                          85th Bn., C.I. 
MacKinnon, Cadet Colin,                          R.A.F. 
Mackinnon, Pilot Colin A.,                       R.A.F. 
MACKINNON, PTE. ALLAN,                           25th Bn., C.I. 
MACKINNON, PTE. ALEX,                            25th Bn., C.I. 
MACKINNON, PTE. MALCOLM J.,                      25th Bn., C.I. 
Mackinnon, Pte. Dennis,                          1st Depot Bn. 
Maclean, Gnr. Angus A.,                          4th Batt., C.F.A. 
MacLean, Pte. Angus Hugh,                        17th Batt., C.F.A. 
MACLEAN, PTE. DAN J.,                            85th Bn., C.I. 
MacLean, Pte. John A.,                           C.E. 
MacLean, Gnr. Michael,                           36th Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 
MacLennan, Pte. George,                          3rd. Siege batt., C.G.A. 
MacMillan, Pte. Angus,                           85th Bn., C.I. 
MacMillan, Pte. Edward G.,                       C.F.C. 
MacMillan, Pte. William D.,                      26th Bn., C.I. 
MACNEIL, PTE. ALEX,                              185th Bn., C.I., & 25th Bn., C.I. 
MacNeil, Sgt. Ambrose,                           36th Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 
MacNeil, Q.M.-Sgt. Charles J.,                   C.A.M.C. 
MacNeil, Dvr. Gurney F.,                         26th Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 
***MacNeil, Cpl. John B., M.M.,                  25th Bn., C.I. 
MacNeil, Pte. John Joseph,                       36th Batt., C.F.A. 
MacNeil, Pte. John A.,                           1st Reserve Bn., C.I. 
MACNEIL, PTE. JAMES F.,                          40th Bn., C.I.  
MacNeil, Gnr. Leo,                               10th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
MacNeil, Pte. Michael,                           1st Depot Bn. 
MacNeil, Pte. Michael,                           C.R.T. 
***MacNeil, Michael James,                       C.F.C. 
MacNeil, Pte. Neil,                              1st Depot Bn.  
MacNeil, Spr. Peter J.,                          R.E. 
MacNeil, Pte. Pius,                              21st Alberta Reserve Bn., C.I. 
MacNeil, Pte. Stephen,                           C.A.M.C. 
MacPherson, Sgt. Dan J.,                         2nd Pioneer Bn. 
MacPherson, Pte. John A.,                        185th Bn., C.I. 
Nolan, Pte. Angus,                               C.E. 
Nolan, Pte. David,                               Air Service, A.E.F. 
Nolan, Duncan, F.,                               C.R.T. 
Nolan, Pte. John M.,                             40th Bn., C.I. 
Nolan, Pte. Leo,                                 C.F.C. 
Nolan, Pte. John H.,                             40th Bn., C.I. 
O'Connell, Pte. Alex,                            1st Depot Bn. 
Poirrier, Pte. Didace,                           64th Bn., C.I. 
Poirrier, Pte. Napoleon,                         64th Bn., C.I. 
Poirrier, Pte. Wilfred,                          36th Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 
*Pittman, Pte. Daniel H.,                        25th Bn., C.I. 
Phelan, Gnr. John G.,                            1st Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 
Proctor, Spr. Lester,                            R.E. 
Pyke, Dvr. E. E.,                                C.F.A. 
Quann, Pte. John,                                C.E. 
Roache, Pte. P. H.,                              185th Bn., C.I. 
Rogers, Pte. Edward,                             1st Can. Tunnelling Co. 
Rogers, Pte. Edward J.,                          1st Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
Rogers, Gnr. Ernest,                             2nd Reserve Bn. 
Rogers, Pte. Thomas,                             
Note:Should be Sailor, not Pte.                  Canadian Navy
ROGERS, PTE. WILLIAM F.,                         185th Bn., C.I. 
Sullivan, Capt. John L.,                         C.A.V.C. 
Smith, Cpl. George H.,                           106th Bn., C.I.  
SPENCER, PTE. CLEMENT,                           25th Bn., C.I. 
Stone, Dvr. Stanley,                             C.A.S.C. 
*Young, Pte. Daniel,                             25th Bn., C.I. 
Young, Pte. Joseph,                              1st Depot Bn.



Rev. J. N. MacLennan, P.P.

Summary: 25 enlisted, 1 killed, 1 wounded

Boyd, Pte. Andrew,                                no entry 
Chisholm, Pte. Archibald Alex.,                   no entry 
LAMEY, PTE. DANIEL,                               no entry 
Lamey, Pte. James,                                U.S.Navy 
*Lamey, Pte. William,                             1st Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Gnr. Dan C.,                           9th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
MacDonald, Pte. Alexander,                        2nd Bn., 1st C.O.R. 
MacDonald, Pte. Dougald,                          94th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Gnr. Dan C.,                           9th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 
MacDonald, Pte. Roderick,                         no entry 
MacDonald, Pte. Rory,                             1st Depot Bn. 
MacEachern, Pte. Daniel,                          94th Bn., C.I. 
MacEachern, Pte. Dan Hugh,                        R.A.F. 
MacEachern, Pte. Hugh (A.H.),                     no entry 
MacEachern, Pte. Hugh,                            no entry 
MacLean, Pte. Alexander, 
prisoner three years                              3rd Bn., C.I. 
MacLean, Sgt. Daniel,                             94th Bn., C.I. 
MacLean, Pte. John Hugh,                          94th Bn., C.I.  
MacLean, Pte. Sam D.,                             185th Bn., C.I.  
MacLean, Pte. Malcolm,                            C.A.M.C. 
MacLellan, Pte. Alex. Dan,                        no entry 
MacLellan, Pte. John J.,                          94th Bn., C.I. 
MacPherson, Major Rev. Donald,                    Can. Chaplain Service 
O'Brien, Pte. Allan,                              C.F.A. 
O'Handley, Pte. Alex,                             94th Bn., C.I. 



Rev. D. J. Rankin, P. P.

Summary: 57 enlisted, 7 killed, 4 wounded

Ayles, Pte. Charles Clifford,                      26th Bn., C.I. 
Black, S.,                                         no entry 
Campbell, Gnr. John Angus,                         36th Field Batt., C.F.A. 
Campbell, Pte. Michael, M.,                        1st Depot Bn. 
Currie, Pte. John Francis,                         20th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, Pte. Alex,                                 no entry 
Gillis, Pte. Dan,                                  A.E.F. 
Gillis, Pte. Dan M.,                               185th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, Pte. James,                                A.E.F.  
Gillis, Pte. John J.,                              1st Depot Bn. 
Gillis, Pte. Patrick J.,                           no entry 
Gillis, Major R.,                                  94th Reg't. 
GILLIS, PTE. RONALD  D.,                           64th Bn., C.I. 
Gillis, Pte. Steve,                                6th C.R.T. 
MacAdam, Pte. Joseph,                              no entry 
MacAdam, Pte. Matthew,                             no entry 
McArthur, Pte. Archie Edward,                      1st Depot Bn. 
McArthur, Pte. Colin,                              1st Depot Bn. 
McArthur, Pte. Joseph Alex,                        1st Depot Bn. 
*MacCormack, Pte. Dan,                             64th Bn., C.I. 
MacCormack, Pte. Stephen,                          no entry 
MacCormack, Pte. Stephen,                          no entry 
MACCORMACK, PTE. ANGUS J.,                         1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Pte. Dan,                               no entry 
MacDonald, Sgt. Hugh D., 
promoted from ranks                                no entry 
*MacDonald, Pte. Hugh J.,                          152nd B., C.I. 
MACDONALD, PTE. JAMES J.,                          no entry 
MacDonald, Pte. John H.,                           1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Pte. John Joseph,                       C.E. 
MACDONALD, PTE. JOSEPH M.,                         no entry 
MacDonald, Pte. Lauchlin,                          no entry 
MacDonald, Pte. Neil R.,                           1st Depot Bn. 
MacDonald, Pte. Roy E.,                            A.E.F. 
MacDonald, Pte. Neil R.,                           1st Depot Bn.
MacDougall, Pte. F.J.,                             no entry 
MacDougall, Piper Michael D.,                      no entry 
*MacDougall, Pte. Vincent,                         185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 
MacEachern, Pte. Angus John,                       1st Depot Bn. 
MacEachern, Pte. Dan A.,                           185th Bn., C.I. 
MacEachern, Pte. Hugh A.,                          185th Bn., C.I. 
MacEachern, Pte. Joseph Angus,                     185th Bn., C.I. 
MacInnis, Capt. A. J.,                             85th Bn., C.I. 
MacInnis, Gnr. John,                               36th Batt., C.F.A. 
MacIntyre, Pte. Archibald,                         185th Bn., C.I. 
MacIntyre, Pte. Dan Archibald,                     no entry 
MacIntyre, Pipe Dan,                               no entry 
MACINTYRE, PTE. HUGH FRANCIS,                      no entry 
MacIntyre, Pte. John A.,                           no entry 
MacIntyre, Pte. Michael                            no entry 
MacIntyre, Pte. Norman,                            no entry 
McKinnon, Pte. M. J.,                              C.E. 
McKinnon, Pte. Donald J.,                          91st Bn., A.E.F. 
McKinnon, Michael, Wireless Operator,              U.S. Navy 
McLellan, Lieut. D. D.,                            A.E.F.  
*McLeod, Pte. Archibald,                           185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 
McNeil, Pte. Hector,                               no entry 
McNeil, Pte. Peter,                                no entry 
MACPHEE, PTE. ARCIBALD,                            no entry 



Rev. Maurice Tompkins, P.P.

Summary: 38 enlisted, 7 killed, 2 wounded

Burns, Pte. Edward,                                236th Bn., C.I. 
Burns, Pte. P. H.,                                 20th C.E. 
BURNS, PTE. ROBERT,                                20th Bn., C.I. 
Chisholm, Pte. Charles M.,                         1st Depot Bn. 
CONNOLLY, PTE. EDWARD LOUIS,                       25th Bn., C.I. 
Connolly, Pte. Frank,                              C.F.C. 
Farrell, Pte. Augustus Douglas,                    85th Bn., C.I. 
***Farrell, Sgt. Michael Henry, 
promoted from ranks                                85th Bn., C.I. 
Grant, Pte. James A.,                              A.E.F. 
Grant, Pte. Walter R.,                             A.E.F. 
Kelly, Pte. Dan,                                   A.E.F. 
Kelly, Pte. William,                               C.F.C. 
Kennedy, Pte. John E.,                             106th Bn., C.I. 
Kennedy, Pte. Leo Augustus,                        6th Bn., C.I. 
Lewis, Pte. John W.,                               16th Siege Batt., C.G.A.
MARR, PTE. CHARLES W.,                             75th Bn., C.I. 
Marr, Pte. Howard,                                 17th Can. Reserve Bn. 
Marr, Pte. Lawrence,                               106th Bn., C.I. 
Marr, Pte. J. Michael,                             1st Can. Pioneer 
MacAllister, Gnr. Herbert,                         R.F.A. 
MACCALLUM, PTE. ARTHUR,                            106th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Alexander,                         25th Bn., C.I. 
MacDonald, Pte. Bernard,                           2nd Can. Reserve Bn. 
MacDonald, Pte. Frederick,                         1st Depot Bn.  
MacDonald, Pte. Patrick,                           1st Depot Bn. 
MacKinnon, Pte. J. H.,                             C.F.C. 
MACPHERSON, PTE. LESLIE,                           60th Inf., A.E.F. 
NOCTEN, PTE. CHARLES,                              1st Depot Bn. 
Nocten, Pte. Stanley J.,                           4th Reg't., A.E.F. 
O'Conner, Pte. Bernard A.,                         17th Can. Reserve Bn. 
O'Conner, Pte. Laurence M.,                        73rd Reg't., A.E.F. 
O'Halloran, Pte. Michael T.,                       1st Depot Bn. 
O'Leary, Sub-Lieut. Edward James,                  Navy 
Quirk, Pte. Francis,                               1st Depot Bn. 
*Shea, Pte. Patrick H.,                            85th Bn., C.I. 
Wells, Pte. William M. T.,                         U.S.A.M.C. 
Worth, Pte. John E.,                               4th Reg't., A.E.F. 
WORTH, PTE. JOSEPH E.,                             C.F.C. 



Copyright© Transcribed by Joan Hapeman Somers
30 June 1998