Catholics of the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia and the Great War

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Rev. Maurice Tompkins, P.P.

Summary: 15 enlisted, 3 killed, 5 wounded

*Carey, Pte. Clarence,                             42nd Bn., C.I. 


Carey, Pte. Roderick,                              A.E.F. 


Carter, Pte. Alonzo,                               1st Depot Bn. 


Carter, Pte. Owen,                                 1st Depot Bn. 


*Carrigan, Pte. Austin,                            1st Depot Bn. 


CARRIGAN, PTE. WILLIAM,                            1st. Depot Bn. 


Chisholm, Pte. John L.,                            193rd Bn., C.I. 


*Chisholm, Pte. Francis,                           236th Bn., C.I. 


Diggins, Pte. Ernest,                              A.E.F. 


*Grady, Pte. Laurence D.,                          10th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 


Grady, Pte. John J.,                               193rd Bn., C.I. 


MacDonald, Pte. Augustus,                          1st Depot Bn. 


**Meagher, Pte. William,                           64th Bn., C.I. 


SMITH, PTE. ALBERT,                                106th Bn., C.I. 


SMITH, PTE. MARTIN,                                64th Bn., C.I. 



Rev. R. MacDonald, P.P.

Summary: 60 enlisted, 7 killed, 3 wounded

Anderson, Gnr. Damien,                             58th Howitzer Batt., C.F.A. 


Bennett, Pte. Clifford,                            158th Bn., C.I. 


Bennett, Pte. Norman,                              R.A.F.     


Bennett, Pte. Walter,                              R.A.F.  


*Brean, Pte. Dan,                                  85th Bn., C.I. 


Brean, Pte. Peter,                                 A.E.F.   


Brean, Pte. Fred,                                  Depot Bn. 


Bouche, Pte. Alphonsus,                            Depot Bn. 


BOUCHE, PTE. FRANK,                                Depot Bn. 


Brow, Pte. Fred                                    no entry 


Chisholm, Ensign Angus V.,                         U.S. Navy 

son of Duncan Hugh & Mary Margaret

 (MacGillivray) Chisholm 


CHISHOLM, MAJOR EDWARD, D.S.O., M.C. & bar,        161st Brigade, C.F.A.

son of Duncan Hugh & Mary Margaret

 (MacGillivray) Chisholm 


Chisholm, Col. Hugh A., C.M.G., D.S.O.,            Dep. Director Medical Services 

son of Duncan Hugh & Mary Margaret

 (MacGillivray) Chisholm

husband of Nursing Sister Mary Chisholm,

U.S. Marine Corps,

daughter of Christopher & Ellen (Somers)



Chisholm, Lieut. Raymond,                          R.A.F. 

son of Duncan Hugh & Mary Margaret

 (MacGillivray) Chisholm 


Chisholm, Pte. Vincent,                            A.E.F.  


Chisholm, Pte. William                             no entry 


Corbett, Pte. Claude                               no entry  


Corbett, Pte. Joseph                               no entry  


*DeCoste, Pte. David,                              87th Bn., C.I. 


DeCoste, Pte. Ernest,                              A.E.F. 


DeCoste, Pte. Frank,                               Depot Bn. 


DeCoste, Pte. Gus,                                 A.E.F. 


DeCoste, Pte. Harry                                no entry 


*DeCoste, Pte. Nicholas,                           13th Bn. & R.H.C., C.I.  


DECOSTE, PTE. RAYMOND                              no entry  


DeCoste, Pte. Warren J.,                           A.E.F.  


DeCoste, Pte. Walter,                              Depot Bn. 


DeCoste, Pte. William B.,                          A.E.F. 


Delorey, Pte. Albert,                              Depot Bn. 


FOUGERE, PTE. ALEXANDER,                           14th Bn., C.I. 


Fougere, Pte. Alex,                                A.E.F. 


Fougere, Pte. Freeman,

Son of Pascal (Paul) Freeman

and Marie Roy (King)                               A.E.F. 


Fougere, Pte. Freddie,                             A.E.F. 


Fougere, Spr. Harold,                              C.E. 


Fougere, Pte. Peter,                               A.E.F. 


Fougere, Pte. Walter,                              A.E.F. 


Fougere, Spr. William,                             C.E. 


LEVANGIE, PTE. AMBROSE,                            46th Bn., C.I. 


LEVANGIE, PTE. BENJAMIN,                           17th Batt., C.F.A. 


Levangie, Pte. Mark,                               106th Bn., C.I. 


Lavangie, Signaller Mark G.,                       28th Bn., C.I. 


Levangie, Pte. James A.,                           A.E.F. 


Levangie, Pte. Vincent                             no entry 


Levangie, Pte. William,                            A.E.F. 


Levangie, Pte. Stephen A.,                         A.E.F.  


Manette, Pte. George,                              106th Bn., C.I.  


Morris, Pte. Austin,                               A.E.F. 


Manette, Pte. George,                              106th Bn., C.I.  


Morris, Pte. Austin,                               A.E.F.  


MacDonald, Pte. Hugh                               no entry  


MacDonald, Pte. J. H.,                             25th Bn., C.I. 


MACEACHERN, PTE. COLIN,                            no entry 


MacEachern, Pte. Duncan,                           Depot Bn. 


O'Neill, Pte. Wm.,                                 106th Bn., C.I. 


O'Neill, Pte. James,                               C.F.C. 


Pettipas, Pte. Wm.,                                A.E.F. 


Stewart, Pte. Joseph                               no entry 


Strahan, Pte. Ernest James,                        C.F.C. 


Webb, Capt. D. A.,                                 C.A.M.C. 


Webb, Pte. Jos. K.,                                1st Can. Pioneer Bn. 


Webb, Pte. Leslie,                                 165th Bn., C.I. 


Webb, Pte. Peter,                                  A.E.F. 



Rev. R. H. MacDougall, P.P.

Summary: 38 enlisted, 2 killed, 4 wounded

Armstrong, Spr. George C.,                          C.E. 


Armstrong, Spr. John,                               C.E. 


Boudreau, Pte.William,                              193rd Bn., C.I. 


Cameron, Sgt. Allan,                                85th Bn., C.I. 


Cameron, Alex,                                      no entry 


Chisholm, N.S. C.C.,                                C.A.M.C. 


Chisholm, Pte. Duncan,                              no entry 


Chisholm, Pte. Donald,                              C.E. 


Chisholm Pte. Joseph,                               193rd Bn., C.I. 


Chisholm, Pte. John,                                Depot Bn. 


Chisholm, Pte. Joseph A.,                           193rd Bn. & 85th Bn., C.I. 


Chisholm, Sgt. William,                             C.E. 


*DeYoung. Pte. John,                                193rd Bn., C.I. 


Farrell, Pte. Alex. R.,                             A.E.F. 


Grant, Pte. Angus Chisholm,                         A.E.F. 


Grant, Alex. J., U.S.                               Naval Aviator 


Grant, Pte. John Alex.,                             22n Bn., C.I. 


Jones, Pte. Fred J.,
Son of William John Jones & 

Alice Margaret McNaughton Of Halifax Foster Parents: Archibald & Mary MacDougall 4th C.D.A.C. Kennedy, Pte. John, A.E.F. McDonald, N.S. Annie B., French Decoration, C.A.M.C. McDonald, Pte. Dan, A.E.F. **McDonald, Spr. Dan H., C.E. McDonald, Pte. Dan A., 1st Can. Reserve McDonald, Pte. Hugh, Depot Bn. McDonald, Hugh, no rank 29th Bn., C.I. MCDONALD, PTE. JOHN L. (Lauchlin), 5th Bn., A.E.F. Died in France 19 Dec 1917 Son of Dan J. McDonald & Catherine Fraser of Fraser's Grant **McDonald, Pte. John R., 26th Bn., C.I. McDonald, Pte. John Joseph Depot Bn. McDonald, Cpl. Lauchlin, R.C.R., C.I. McDonald, N.S. Sadie, C.A.M.C. McMilllan, Pte. John Dan, C.A.M.C McMillan, Pte. Laughlin Angus, Canadian Signal Corps. McPherson, Pte. A. D., Signal Corps. Perro, Sgt. William Henry, promoted from ranks C.F.C. Perro, Pte. Louis, Depot Bn. *Pitts, Pte. Solomon, 193rd Bn., C.I. Rogers, Pte. Alphonsus R., Depot Bn. ROGERS, PTE. WILLIAM A., 26th Bn., C.I.



Rev. A. L. MacDonald, P.P.

Summary: 145 enlisted, 21 killed, 28 wounded

*Bailleul, Pte. John L.,                            150th Bn., C.I. 


Beaton, Pte. Alex. H.,                              44th Bn., C.I. 


Beaton, Spr. Bernard,                               C.E. 


Beaton, Pte. Daniel,                                1st Depot Bn. 


BEATON, PTE. DAN FINLAY,                            185th Bn., C.I. 


BEATON, PTE. JOHN ANGUS,                            185th Bn., C.I. 


Beaton, Pte. Joseph,                                1st Depot Bn. 


Boyle, Pte. Angus,                                  49th Bn., C.I. 


Boyle, Sub-Lieut. Joseph,                           R.A.F. 


*Cahill, Pte. Bernard,                              24th Bn., C.I. 


CAHILL, SPR. FRANCIS X.,                            2nd C.E. 


Cameron, Pte. Don,                                  no entry 


Campbell, Pte. Cameron,                             no entry 


CAMPBELL, PTE. JOHN ANGUS,                          40th bn., C.I. 


Chiasson, Pte. Lubin,                               165th Bn., C.I. 


Chisholm, Pte. Arthur,                              37th Bn., C.I. 


Chisholm, Pte. James,                               162nd Bn., C.I. 


Copan, Gustave, no rank,                            150th bn., C.I. 


Corbisier, Alexander,                               150th Bn., C.I. 


Deagle, Pte. John J.,                               1st Depot Bn.,  


Denemoustier, Pte. Modeste,                         150th Bn., C.I. 


Denemoustiier, Cpl. Oscar,                          Belgian Army 


Desveaux, Pte. Joseph,                              165th Bn., C.I. 


DETERVILLE, PTE. ARMAND, M.M.,                      25th Bn., C.I. 


DETERVILLE, PTE. EMILE,                             Belgian Army 


Devoe, Pte. Thomas,                                 25th Bn., C.I. 


DeWilde, Dennis, no rank,                           150th Bn., C.I. 


DeWilde, Francis, no rank,                          150th bn., C.I. 


Doucet, Pte. James,                                 165th Bn., C.I. 


*Dunford, Pte. Richard,                             85th Bn., C.I. 


Fitzpatrick, Sgt.-Major Joseph,                     Princess Pats, C.L.I. 


Gallette, Pte. Emile, no rank                       French Army 


*Gillis, Pte. Alexander,                            25th Bn., C.I. 


*Gillis, Pte. Daniel,                               85th Bn., C.I. 


*Gillis, Pte. Daniel,                               25th Bn., C.I. 


Gillis, Pte. Francis,                               1st Depot Bn.  


Gillis, Pte. Archie,                                185th Bn., C.I. 


*Gillis, Pte. John Dan, M.M.,                       185th Bn., C.I. 


Guillhume, Ernest, no rank,                         150th Bn., C.I. 


GUILLHUME, RAYMOND, no rank                         150th Bn., C.I. 


*Hannigan, Pte. George,                             185th Bn., C.I. 


Holmes, Pte. George,                                64th Bn., C.I.  


HOLMES, PTE. THOMAS,                                94th Bn., C.I. 


*Kennedy, Pte. John,                                64th Bn., C.I.  


Kennedy, Pte. Stephen,                              94th Bn., C.I.  


LeLievre, Pte. Alexander,                           165th Bn., C.I. 


*LeLievre, Pte. Charles,                            40th Bn., C.I.  


LeLievre, Pte. John P.,                             165th Bn., C.I.  


LeLievre, Pte. Joseph,                              165th Bn., C.I.  


*Ling, Alexander, no rank,                          C.A.S.C.  


LING, PTE. FRANCIS A.,                              185th Bn., & 25th Bn., C.I.  


LING, PTE. LAURENCE,                                40th Bn., & 13th Bn., C.I. 


Mahe, Pte. Constant,                                165th Bn., C.I. 


*Morrison, Pte. Allan,                              64th Bn., C.I. 


Muise, Pte. Patrick,                                R.C.R., C.I. 


MCARTHUR, PTE. JOHN,                                25th Bn., C.I. 


McArthur, Pte. John W.,                             185th Bn., C.I. 


MacDonald, Pte. Alex. Allan,                        64th Bn., C.I. 


MacDonald, Pte. Allan,                              1st Depot Bn. 


MacDonald, Pte. Allan,                              1st Depot Bn. 


*MacDonald, Pte. Dan Eldred,                        185th Bn., C.I.  


MacDonald, Pte. Dougald,                            94th Bn., C.I. 


MacDonald, Pte. James,                              no entry 


MacDonald, Pte. John,                               R.C.H., C.I. 


MacDonald, Pte. John,                               1st Depot Bn.  


MacDonald, Pte. John E.,                            C.F.C. 


MacDonald, Pte. John Joseph,                        185th Bn., C.I. 


MacDonald, Pte. Louis,                              1st Depot Bn. 


MacDonald, Pte. Patrick,                            94th Bn., C.I. 


MacDougall, Pte. Alexander,                         185th Bn., C.I. 


MACDOUGALL, PTE. ALEX. J.,                          64th Bn., C.I. 


MacDougall, Pte. Bertram,                           94th Bn., C.I. 


MacDougall, Pte. Dan D.,                            165th Bn., C.I. 


MacDougall, Pte. Donald,                            1st Depot Bn. 


MacDougall, Pte. Dougald,                           1st Depot Bn. 


Transcribe note: 

MacDonald, Pte. Farquhar 

This name was listed here.  

Could be MacDonald or MacDougall.                   155rd Bn., C.I. 


*MacDougall, Spr. James D.,                         5th C.E. 


MACDOUGALL, PTE. JOHN A.,                           85th Bn., C.I. 


MacDougall, Pte. John C., M.M.,                     185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 


MacDougall, N.S. Mary Jane,                         U.S. A.M.C. 


MacDougall, Pte. Ronald,                            185th Bn., C.I. 


MACEACHERN, SGT. JOHN C.,                           185th Bn., C.I. 


MacGillivray, Alexander,                            no entry 


*MacGillivray, Pte. John Joseph,                    185th Bn., & 85th Bn., C.I. 


MacGillivray, Pte. John,                            no entry 


MacInnis, Pte. John,                                185th Bn., C.I. 

*McIntyre, Pte. A.J.,                               185th Bn., C.I. 


McIntyre, Pte. John Angus,                          A.E.F. 


McIntyre, Pte. John Archie,                         246th Bn., C.I. 


McIsaac, Pte. Alexander,                            185th Bn., C.I. 


McIsaac, Pte. Alex. J.,                             185th Bn., C.I. 


McIsaac, Pte. Angus,                                185th Bn., C.I. 


McIsaac, Pte. Archie A.,                            1st Depot Bn. 


MACISAAC, PTE. ARCHIBALD,                           C.E. 


MacIsaac, Pte. Daniel,                              85th Bn., C.I. 


MacIsaac, Pte. Dan Archibald,                       40th Bn., C.I. 


MacIsaac, Pte. Daniel, C.,                          185th Bn., C.I. 


MACISAAC, PTE. DAN S.,                              42nd Bn., C.I. 


MacIsaac, Pte. Dougald, A.,                         185th Bn., C.I. 


MacIsaac, Pte. Edward,                              185th Bn., C.I. 



son of Allan & Isabel (Campbell)

MacIsaac of Judique & Rear 

Judique Intervale                                    2nd C.E.


*MacIsaac, Capt. John A.,                            185th Bn., C.I., & C.M.G.C. 


MACISAAC, GNR. JOHN A.,                              Siege Batt., C.G.A. 

MacIsaac, John F.,                                   Navy 


MacIsaac, Pte. John,                                 185th Bn., C.I. 


*MacIsaac, Pte. Malcom,                              193rd Bn., C.I. 


MACKENZIE, PTE. ANGUS,                               1st. Canadian Engineers 


MacKenzie, Pte. John,                                64th Bn., C.I. 


MacKinnon, Pte. Angus,                               185th Bn., C.I. 


MacKinnon, Pte. Daniel,                              1st Depot Bn. 


MacKinnon, Pte. Dan Archibald,                       185th Bn., C.I. 


*MacKinnon, Pte. John W.,                            40th Bn., C.I.  


MacKinnon, Pte. Murdock,                             185th Bn., C.I. 


MacKinnon, Pte. H. P.,                               185th Bn., C.I. 

MACLEAN, PTE. JOSEPH                                 40th Bn., C.I.


MacLellan, Pte. Archibald Dan,                       185th Bn., C.I. 


*MacLellan, Pte. Dan,                                128th Bn., C.I. 


*MacLellan, Pte. Ronald,                             85th Bn., C.I. 


MacLellan, Pte. John,                                185th Bn., C.I. 


MacLeod, Gnr. Alexander,                             10th Siege Batt., C.G.A. 


MacLeod, Pte. Daniel,                                185th Bn., C.I. 


MacMaster, Pte. Duncan,                              185th Bn., C.I. 


MacNeil, Pte. James Malcolm,                         185th Bn., C.I. 


*MacNeil, Pte. John Angus,                           85th Bn., C.I. 


*MacPherson, Pte. Alexander,                         106th Bn., C.I. 


MACPHERSON, PTE. FRANK,                              64th Bn., C.I.


McVeigh, Pte. Michael,                               85th Bn., C.I. 


*McVeigh, Pte. Peter,                                106th Bn., C.I. 


McVeigh, Pte. Peter,                                 185th Bn., C.I. 


Paye, Alexander,                                     Belgian Army 


*Penny, Joseph O.,                                   R.C.R., C.I. 


Peters, Joseph, M.,                                  150th Bn., C.I. 


Rankin, Pte. Daniel,                                 1st Depot Bn. 


Rankin, Pte. John Hugh,                              185th Bn., C.I. 


Rankin, Pte. Roderick,                               Depot Bn. 


*Rankin, Pte. William A.,                            185th Bn., C.I. 


Roach, Pte. Joseph W.,                               165th Bn., C.I. 


Romard, Pte. Stephen,                                64th Bn., C.I. 


*Stubbart, Pte. John,                                85th Bn., C.I. 


Vandenburg, Pte. Matthew,                            150th Bn., C.I. 


Van Volsen, Camillus,                                150th Bn., C.I. 


White, Sailor Alexander,                             H.M.S. "Niobe" 


White, Pte. Gabriel,                                 64th Bn., C.I. 


*White, Pte. George T.,                              64th Bn., C.I. 


White, Pte. John,                                    25th Bn., C.I. 



Copyright© Transcribed by Joan Hapeman Somers
30 June 1998