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Eric Roggenkamp
61448 Co. Hwy. #76
Bluffton, Minnesota 56518-9755
(218)631-1930 Voice
(218)631-1498 Fax
8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. weekdays
8:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. most Saturdays.
Any other time, by appointment.

Eric's Dance Band Schedule
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The "From the Galaxy in Barnesville, MN"

Eric says those who have listened to him play
in Barnesville have always been so appreciative.
He wants to thank them all.

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Big E's Music Room

[Tap link on top of video, labeled: Bluffton Tornado Benefit (July 30, 2010)]

On June 17, 2010, an F4 tornado ripped through Bluffton, causing destruction to approx. 12 - 15 farmsteads. Several buildings were partially/completely destroyed, as well as one lifted off it's foundation and was no where to be found in the aftermath. Loads of trees were lost, a dog died, several cattle broke legs and had to be euthanized, and an elderly lady had her shoulder broken when her house crashed down on her. The benefit, while in the organization process, another tornado came through on July 14, 2010. This time... only slight damage occurred to a few farms.

(June 14, 2015)

Eric, in front of the band's bus with one of his Button Box Accordions


Eric has played music since he was very young, and since he can play by ear, he has had the opportunity to play several different instruments, which also means there are very few that he can't master. He has been in several bands too; The Country Strangers, Muddy River Ramblers, Platte Valley Boys, Shades of Tyme, and the Vagabond. As of January of 2001, Eric and two musical buddies; Larry Selander and Carl Bauck, started a new band called, "Eric's Dance Band".

(July 2000)

Here's Eric playing the Bass, while family and friends sing along. Several members of various bands also participated. This event has been such a hit, that plans are made to make it an annual get-together.