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This site is for all the FoxTrot fans. Enjoy! Now, an introduction to the cast of characters of FoxTrot, a comic strip by Bill Amend, and quite possibly the best strip ever.

Peter Fox - Garbage disposal, professional air guitarist, connoisseur of all things caffinated, chronically unemployed, recreationally challanged.

Denise Russo - Peter's better half. Um, make that three fourths. Loving girlfriend, sadistic prankster, only reason Peter keeps his sanity today.


Jason Fox - Child genius, professional tormenter (sister division), rocket scientist, math consultant, entreprenuer. Wanted for breaking FAA regulations by sending a cardboard rocket into low orbit.

Marcus Jones - Jason's best friend, or should I say accomplice? Willing student in the art of sister torment, considering he's four of his own.

Paige Fox - Typical fourteen year old teenage girl, shopiholic, heliophile, cook (well, she tries...), iguana hater, boy hunter, professional tormenter (brother division, little).

Quincy - Jason's iguana, tool of professional tormenters (sister division), only creature in the Fox House with an appitite larger than Peter's, which happens to be bent towards Paige's boy magizines, blouses, schoolwork, etc., etc., etc.

Roger Fox - General klutz, die hard fan of anything that involves competition, such as football, baseball, chess, eating. Cook (see Paige Fox), only person to destroy a computer simply by touching it.

Andy Fox - The only reason the house stands today, the only decent cook of the bunch, but defeats the purpose by making sufficiently healthy, and therefore disgusting entres. Writer, procrastinator, mother.

Okay, class, quiz time! Don't worry, this one won't affect your grade too much...

If you haven't heard about the imfamous Felix Jinx quizzes, beware! They are the nastiest collection of FoxTrot trivia ever assembled. So far, only two people are able to score a perfect on it. One person is the creator, Felix Xavier, and the other's Mr. Amend. Download 'em, give it a try!

The Hundred and One FoxTrot Questions, Volume One

answers to The One Hundred and One FoxTrot Questions, Volume One

Fifty Three More Questions to Irritate and Generally Annoy

"The Fifty Three Questions" is filled with all new trivia, including questions from Mr. Amend's newest book, "Come Closer Roger, There's A Mosquito on your Nose". Answers will be available February 1st, 1998. If you can score a perfect 53 points on our quiz, you'll recieve a FoxTrot book of your choice! Who says you don't get nothin' for free?

Since most of my quizzes, and answers to them use Jinx Notation, click here to find out what the heck it is.

Writing a huge quiz, but you don't want to be bugged by fans via e-mail? Send it to me! I'll certainly clear some room for another quiz. Just send it to me, and I'll make sure it gets exposure! Plus, I can rig up pictures for it, just like I've done above, right out of the treasuries. Just let me know (in Jinx Notation) where the pictures are that you want adorning your stuff. (Having a scanner is great. You have no idea.)

January's Golden Quincy Award!

Yep. A new feature for 1998. Each month, I'll be awarding one site (excluding the Official one, of course. It would eat us alive) the coveted Golden Quincy! The Golden Quincy recognizes the FoxTrot fan that has presented the best site of the month. Since this is site for the fans, by the fans, I would please ask you to cast your votes for February Golden Quincy. This was spontanious, and didn't have time to ask for votes. You may vote for a former recipent. Heck, vote for me if you'd like!

So, how do you like the site so far? Since this is a site for the fans, you should also decide how it should look. Please, don't hesitate to mail me with your suggestions, questions, and comments. Also, if you have a FoxTrot site, let me know, and I'll create a link for ya.

Another hobby of mine is writing. A couple years back, I wrote a bunch of fan fiction for Sonic the Hedgehog, which I am quite proud of. If you'd like to sample some of my fine literature, please visit my brother's Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Fiction Page.

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