Chapter 3
The Meeting

A sudden chill passed throughout Neng's entire body. His cousin sent to kill him. The thought ran through his mind millions and millions of times. He couldn't beat V, at least at this very moment in time after his battle with the Genocide.

" So I guess you'll be killing me now, huh?" he blurted out.

" You want me to? I will if you do. He can't detect me or sense me from here. I won't kill you. Maybe join your little party. Shia would probably enjoy the female influence."

" Actually we met some girls a while ago and Tou was hitting on one of them. He got her address at least, that's where I'm supposed to meet him at in about 40 minutes." " That's nice. By the way my advice to you is that you shouldn't have used the black hole technique against an atmospheric beast, but rather the atmospheric suction. It rids him of the gas attack and of his atmospheric dispersion. He's pretty much a weakling after that, you could have then used the light fusion on him and he would have been killed easily." " Tou had always told me not to use the black hole technique now I know why. Thanks for the advice V. Wish Tou had taught me those things."

" He taught you well enough to learn the black hole technique. I didn't learn that until I was fourteen. You and Shia should surpass us in the near future. When you learn the dimension jump, then you will become the legendary * Hmong *." She gladly told him, beginning to stroll to his side. Holding out a hand, she offered her help to him.

" Thank you." He said, as V helped him up. " Where'd my hat go?" he asked, curiously looking around the ground for it. " Found it!" he yelled joyfully. He quickly placed it on his badly groomed hair. " Does that look better?" he asked her, taking a pose.

" Nice Adidas stuff. What kind of matter did you use?" she asked.

" Carbon, it's very common here." He quickly replied. Adidas was a universal name brand that even the Hmong knew of. It was fairly popular to most all species.

" Do you wanna leave now?" she politely asked him.

" Sure, just give me some energy of yours."

She held out her hand, in which he grasped, and bestowed some of her power to his overly used body. He felt rejuvenated with the new powers presented to him; no one had ever given him their power except his father. In a desperate time of the war his father, a high colonel, had been attacked by a pack of Genocides. He took out half of them, but had been badly wounded by the overwhelming power of the pack. Neng frightfully watched his father suffer, but he couldn't stand to just sit there and watch, so he attacked one of the beasts. Easily being swatted away since he had only been eight and training of energy conversion started at the age of ten. In a desperate attempt, his father gave the remaining amount of his energy to Neng. Neng's anger and temporary power turned out to be fortunate. He quickly destroyed three of them in a matter of moments with the light fusion, then destroyed the rest with a technique he couldn't find a word for. His own body he could not see. At first he couldn't see a thing, but moments later he began to see the Genocides also amazed by the unheard of environment. While amazed he knew what to do. He blinked once more and all of the beasts were gone and he had returned to the place in which his father lay dead. He mentally attempted to resurrect his father with his father's powers, but his new found abilities had disappeared. He became sad for a few years, being isolated, but when he reached ten, he began his quest to receive vengeance for his father's death with assistance from Tou, who had already received much of his training from his father before he had also been killed in the war . He supposed that his destiny from that point on had been to destroy the commander of the Genocides, Shoua one of the three High Commanders of Xiong.

"Let's go!" V said. In a moment she had disappeared much like the others did when they too had "warped" to Tokyo. Neng tidied up a bit then dispersed of his sword and then too "warped" to Tokyo.

Meanwhile on the route to the temple, Tou and Shia were quietly sitting in the back of the bus alone. Tou's attention had been caught by the mysteriousness of the city. To one side of the bus he saw a rich family get into their expensive car and to the other side he saw a man walking wearing rags and torn clothes. He couldn't believe that a world could be so diverse. It's people so non-alike to one another. He didn't understand anything, at least of not this abnormality level. His own planet, which was now much only ruins except the towering buildings of Xiong's worth, was never diverse to his knowledge. He had studied World History for two years and received a 4.0 GPA in it for those two years and had studied on his own it's history to fifty million years back and did not ever hear of such a diverse planet as Earth. Earth though had been ruled by many different planets and was extremely unlike any other planet. Many of the inhabitants had never seen an energy conversion, much less a blast. He could not come to any conclusion why Earth had been so diverse and different, but his entire mission for coming here had been to learn why that had been. Earth had been a place where other beings around the universe came to learn their advanced education. His train of thought had been interrupted as Shia nudged him, signaling that they were to get off at the stop.

Both of them politely thanked the driver and stepped off, watching the bus leave. Tou quickly turned his head left and right, searching for people. He saw none, then warped to the top of the steps, where he waited for Shia. In a matter of moments, Shia had appeared next to Tou, quiet as she had usually been since the department from the planet. Tou casually walked up the steps towards the temple where something had caught his eye. The beautiful long hair of her tall stature was very attractive, at least to Tou. He calmly addressed her. " Hello Madam. How are you today?"

" I'm fine." She replied with a smile.

" Do you by any chance know where the monks of the temple are, lovely?" he said, adding the lovely just to compliment her.

" Why yes. This is a very small temple and we only have one monk, but I wouldn't consider him a monk. You see he's my grandpa." She politely answered with a smile.

" You have a lovely smile." He said, trying to be nice and polite to her, which he had always thought helped get the nice girls like his mother had always told him.

" Thank you." She replied with yet another smile.

" Please stop." Tou chuckled. " your lovely smile is far to great to waste on a boy like me."

" Tou!" Shia scolded him.

" Sorry!" Tou apologized.

" Are you two" she asked waving her hands, meaning are you two together. Tou gladly nodded no. He and Shia had always been mistaken for a couple when he was on the road because Shia had usually followed him and Neng, but on Meo every one knew they were cousins.

" Ok then." She said reassured " My grandpa is out back cleaning up.", which she accompanied by yet another smiled and the usual smile from Tou. She looked back at them walking toward the back, wondering what he had wanted. She came to a conclusion that he actually wanted to seek guidance from the monks of their temple, but when he came his plans had changed, there being only one monk and a cute girl only, complimenting herself.

Along the long walk toward the back of the temple, Shia wondered why she had been chosen to go to Earth with her two cousins, who had always been hitting on girls. Tou being friendly, making friends rather then girlfriends, and Neng failing most of the time who relied on his sweet talk. Tou had always believed in each and every one of his cousins, especially Neng, Shia and Linkj, who he had always believed could surpass him in energy conversion and matter abilities. Linkj was Neng's younger brother and had only been trained for a few months before being recruited by Xiong. He quickly became a Matter Specialists along with V, then surpassing V becoming the High Commander of new Energy Specialists, then just a year ago he had mysteriously disappeared into the ranks of Xiong's troops. Tou and Shia, who had never wanted to be a part of Xiong's troops, had much trouble finding him through the mainframe of Meo because of their unfamiliar nature of the commands of the Army's computers. They had given up on him in three months when they were ordered to leave to Earth, but refused and an argument occurred before them for seven and a half months. Shia couldn't recall many of her memories of Meo because of the emotional distress they caused her.

They came to a stop before a short, bald man sweeping up the upper deck of the porch in the back. " Excuse me sir, but are you the lone monk of this temple?" Tou politely asked.

" Why do you ask?" he replied.

" Grandpa don't be so mean" a voice from behind them said. Of course, the girl who Tou had thought was his "friend" was standing there scolding her grandpa.

" But Rei!" he complained. Tou thought, Rei, what a beautiful name, but then he remembered Ami, the most beautiful and intelligent person he had ever met. He shook his head trying to get rid of his thoughts, looking a bit crazy.

" Treat these people nice, grandpa." She once again scolded him.

" OK!. Yes, I am the monk of this temple, but this is just a temple of prayer not much of seeking wisdom, which I assume you are here to do." He said, amazing the two.

" That's better!" Rei said.

" It's ok Rei, it wasn't a waste of time if I could meet such a beauty as you." Tou began to flirt again.

" That's enough Tou, you don't have to flirt with every girl with a high energy level!" Shia blurted out, being obviously annoyed by his attempts of picking girls up. Rei and her grandpa stared, confused.

" Why? Are you jealous or something? Maybe your jealous because her energy level might be higher than yours?" Tou teased, chuckling. Shia let out a growl as if she had been and which she was mad.

" What?" Rei, confused, asked.

" Ummmm…. We have to leave." Tou said, making up an excuse to leave out of a weird situation. He remembered Rei's face from somewhere, but could not exactly recall it. He grabbed Shia's arm and ran down the stairs down to the bus stop. Rei and her grandpa were still wide-eyed and confused by the sudden change of events.

On the run down the steps, another girl, looking much like Rei except her hair was blond not the usual "AZIAN" black, like Tou had referred to it as. He had accidentally looked into her eyes as he went down and had been mesmerized by them. He quickly came to a halt causing staggering Shia to bump into him.

" What are you doing, Tou?" she quietly mumbled into one of his ears.

" What does it look like I'm doing? I'm about to talk to somebody." He quickly replied in a mumble. " Hello lovely lady. You must be a very wise and beautiful girl." He greeted her.

" Why actually just came here to tell my friend something." She replied, continuing on her way up the steps.

" Wait! Beauty." Tou blurted out, scared of "losing" a girl, which he hadn't done yet on Earth.

" What is it?" she politely replied.

He couldn't put his eye on it, but he recognized her also. "Oh, never mind." Tou said, realizing that he shouldn't try his luck so much. The girl continued her travel upward to the temple as Tou and Shia continued theirs downwards.

" You idiot, Tou!" Shia scolded Tou, giving him a slap on the arm " You don't have to be an idiot like Neng, I thought you were smarter than that, but I guess I was wrong."

" Ok. Fine, whatever you say, but you know I know that technique. Make the person think that you're disappointed in them. Well fine, I don't wanna disappoint my little cuz now." Tou replied giving a half smile.

" Let's go to Ami's house now, ok?" Tou suggested.

" Ok" Shia replied

" You wanna warp, or...?" Shia asked, but could not finish her sentence for Tou had already disappeared into nothingness, probably at Ami's house already. Shia followed after him, disappearing also, leaving a gust of wind and leaves to blow.

Meanwhile, Neng and V had appeared in front of Ami's house waiting graciously for Tou and Shia. A slight vibration in sound waves, and then the two had appeared in front of the house.

" What are you doing here V?" Tou asked, slanting his eyes.

" Don't worry. Xiong sent me to kill you all, but I won't cause he's too far away to detect us at all. So I'll just come along for the ride, and any ways Shia needs a little feminine influence on this trip." V said with a smile.

" Well I'm gonna go in, you guys can explore anywhere, just don't get out of the solar system, okay?" Tou said.

"Okay" The three said contemporaneously, each one disappearing, leaving a gust of wind, and a somewhat minor tornado at the entrance of Ami's house. The rumbling caused a curious Ami to open the door and look out, seeing Tou standing with his usual half smile.

"Hi!" Tou said accompanying it with his half smile.

"Oh, hi!" She said, opening the door wider.

"Thanks, how are you?" Tou asked.

"Fine, I guess, where's your cousins?" She replied.

"They're out exploring the world, literally."

"Well why did you come to Earth anyway?"

"Like I said, this is where life is diverse and where we learn the complications of life and the universe. Earth is more diverse and complicated then most planets. Look at it's many legends, religions, races, organisms, and cultures. The planet is flourishing. It's been at its peak for quite some time now, exceeding even the most famous planets. The one fault about this planet is that the technology or the power of the inhabitants is fairly weak and low-class. Look at us, my cousins and I, we can warp, project energy, convert energy and matter, but normal day humans do what? They use automobiles, firearms, and power plants for all this, and they would still not stand a chance against even the mere legendary tri-clops Tienshinha."

"Who's that?"

"A legendary fighter of Chikyuu, he has three eyes, hence the name tri-clops. He lives in the mountainous regions somewhere, I'm not exactly sure."

"Can you take me to meet him?" Ami said curiously, acting more as if she were Usagi.

"Sure" Tou replied, with another half smile.

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