Chapter 4
An Awkward

Meanwhile on the planet Chikyuu, Shia appears alone for the first time, since her trip to Earth with a gust of wind following her appearance on the planet. Chikyuu is known for its mighty warriors, especially for the remarkable battles with the Saya-jin and the terrible creature Buu. A boy, around the age of eight, saw Shia's mysterious appearance on the planet, and rushed over.

"Hey lady! Hey lady!" he yelled over and over.

"Hey kid!" She replied with a smile.

"How'd you do that? You must be strong." The kid asked curiously.

"Tell you what, if you tell me how to find a guy named Son Goku, I'll tell you, ok?" Shia said being polite to him.

"I know where he is, he's my best friend's pop."

"So you must be Trunks then, right?" She asked, remembering her history.

"Yep, How'd you know that? I'll show you how to get to Goku if you can keep up with me." He said, challenging her.

"Ok, come on kid." She said. Trunks' arms flew to his side in a stance. His body was enveloped in a golden aura, and his hair turned into a golden color.

"You must be pretty strong kid, you can turn into the Legendary Super Saya-jin." She complimented him

"Thanks. Now see if you can keep up with me." He replied and then flew off, breaking the sound barrier.

"Well, this kid's a bit cocky." Shia said, then she disappeared into thin air, a gust of wind the only thing remaining.

Trunks' blur came to a screeching halt at Kame House, where Goten's father and mother were visiting. He looked around searching for his "companion" Goten, and thought that he had burnt Shia and consequently lost her, but to his surprise she was standing in front of him.

"Hey kid, you're pretty fast, but not fast enough." She said, with a smile.

"How'd you get here so fast?" Trunks said, puzzled at his loss to a girl.

"I'll teach you after I talk with the Saya-jin here, okay?" She said, patting him on the shoulder and acting as if she were talking to a younger child, which she was.

She walked into the house, looking for Goku and Vegeta, the two greatest warriors of the universe, this side that was. A small house it was, having only three rooms, and a bathroom. "Must be a beach house of some sort." Shia concluded "Not much of a real Human house." Kamesennin walked out of the bathroom, wide-eyed staring at Shia.

"Hello Muten Roshi." She said, greeting him, "Where is Son Goku?"

"Don't miss with her Kamesennin, she'll kick your ass." Trunks said, standing at the door.

"Listen to the boy, where is your father and Goku, Trunks?" Shia said.

"I don't know, they were here, I'll try to find their Ki." Trunks answered. His eyes began to close, and his aura of golden flame rose once more, his powers were set on finding his father and Goku, a technique known to few that lived this side of the universe.

"Found them, they're here, but I can't see them." Trunks said.

"I know where they are." Shia said, rushing outside to the beachside. She pointed her finger towards the water, "I hope I don't use too much energy, I might destroy the planet." She said releasing a small beam from her finger, evaporating the entire ocean and all bodies of water connected with it in which Kamesennin had lived in. "See, I told you Trunks, they were underwater, fighting each other, I bet they were training for the Budokai." Shia said, showing her knowledge of the tournament meant to determine the champion of the planet.

"What happened to the water?" Goku said, looking upwards at the island.

"She got rid of it." Trunks yelled, to make sure they heard.

"Who is that?" Vegeta asked.

"Someone from the other side of the universe, Saya-jin." Shia said, hoping they would acknowledge her.

"Why have you come here?" Goku said, as if she were an enemy.

"Don't treat her bad Goku. She's my friend. Right?" Trunks asked Shia.

"Yeah, you're my little man." She said, with a smile. "So how are the Saya-jin doing?" She said addressing both of them with one name.

"We're fine, what are you here for?" Vegeta asked.

"I'm here to challenge you, to see how strong this side of the universe really is, but make sure you understand that I'm not here to kill anyone." Shia announced.

"Challenge me? You must be kidding, a petty girl like you wouldn't stand a chance against a Saya-jin, much less a Saya-jin beyond Super Saya-jin such as I." Vegeta boasted.

"Come on then Prince Vegeta, if you are so strong then attack me right now and we'll just see who's stronger." Shia said, being caught up in the moment.

Vegeta's ki shot up in an instant; his aura turned into a blazing golden color, with silver streaks of lightning accompanying it. "Come on, little girl." Vegeta said, with a grin. Shia's eyes closed, and a flash of light surrounded her, another flash and the aura of light was gone, her sword in her hands and her in the air.

Her image still there, a sudden gust of wind came through, blasting Kame House into ruins, and Shia's image still there, but a sudden swirl of winds at around speeds of 600 mph surrounded Vegeta and carried him into the air, Vegeta being swept off his feet. Shia's image still in it's original spot with her eyes closed, and Vegeta in the air.

"Damn girl! How did she do this, the winds are too strong." Vegeta spoke to himself. A sudden idea popped into his head, as he was flying around at 600 mph. He took aim with one hand, facing it straightforward; he quickly aimed outwards of the tornado.

"BIG BANG ATTACK!!!" Vegeta screamed, shooting out an enormous blast from his hand towards Shia.

"So you Saya-jin use Ki attacks, that's a nice way of combating, but you'll have to do better than that." Shia said, her image still there, the blast rushing straight into her body leaving no mark at all. All of the spectators had a sudden look of shock on their faces, wondering how strong the girl really was. A sudden explosion was heard, and the ground began to crack; the wind had already stopped, letting Vegeta out of its grip. A sudden burst of hot, flowing magma burst through the cracks in the planet and engulfed Vegeta into its overwhelming grip. A sudden hush of the small crowd as the magma returned to the cracks, and Vegeta's body left singed, but not dead. With burnt marks over him, Vegeta let out a sudden roar. "AWWWWWWWW!!!!" He screamed, his ki increasing to suddenly new heights, the silver streaking lightning changing hue to a light reddish color, his eyes turning red with fire, and his aura an enlarging mass of energy. Another loud roar of powering up and the aura flew out in several directions, destroying the entire Kame House and the landmasses around, including the ground, where now all stood hot magma. With Trunks holding Kamesennin, he sped off to place him down on another continent and return to watch his father's battle, along with Goten and Goku. Vegeta's rage was now turned into a slight cunning smirk on his face, his hands in the air. "Now you die girl!" He screamed releasing an enormous ki blast towards the magma. It struck the magma with overwhelming power and the tons of magma flew upwards at Shia's image still in it's original spot. The magma did not singe her, for it was only an image, and a sudden voice was heard from the sky. "Prince Vegeta, do not always fight with your eyes, try to sense my ki during the battle, it'll help you, trust me." Shia said.

"Might as well give it a try", Vegeta concluded, whispering to himself. He closed his eyes and felt nothing; this girl wasn't detectable.

"This is impossible!" Vegeta yelled. "The girl is hiding her ki!"

"No, I'm not, try harder."

"I don't take tips from a little girl like you!" He screamed in rage.

"Ok, then I'll just have to beat up on Trunks then." She said, blackmailing him, so to say.

"Don't touch my son!" He screamed, showing a bit of a good side once more. A sudden blast came from his hands, enormously not at the image of Shia, but into thin air. "That's better Prince Vegeta!" a voice yelled.

The blast was met with another and neutralized into nothingness, but still no sign of Shia. "You almost hit me that time Prince Vegeta!" She teased him.

"Well now you die, bastard!" He yelled to the top of his lungs. He released millions of blasts from his hands pumping his hands back and forth, all directed in one direction, and in that direction nothingness. "What are you aiming at poppa?" Trunks asked, confused a bit.

"He's attacking with his eyes closed, I've never seen that before, and this girl she seems to be stronger than him, as if she were playing with him." Goku said, observing from a safe distance away.

"That's right Goku, I am playing with him. Only now is he fighting for real" a quiet whisper heard only in Goku's ears, from Shia of course.

The blasts from Vegeta were neutralized one after another, none of them hitting his target, not even being misfired and hitting another object, but all being neutralized into nothingness. Vegeta's body dispersing into nothingness, and reappearing in several places in the surroundings of nothing, in the air, kicking and punching at the air. His kicks and punches all echoing a thump and block, but against what? Nothing. Shia had completely disappeared and to fight her, Vegeta had to fight with not his eyes, but with his ki. A sudden explosion was heard, in the air and Shia's body reappeared halting in midair from a downward hit by Vegeta. She held onto her arm, which had been hit. "Good, Prince Vegeta. You hit me. I'm weakened now, much weakened. Do you wish to stop this fight?" Shia asked, obviously wounded, but not as badly as Vegeta.

"Why are you afraid of being defeated now?" Vegeta asked, cocky as usual.

"To tell you the truth, no, but I have learned what I am here for. So without further ado, I am stopping. If you wish to stop, then you can, but I am hereby done for the day."

"That was very interesting battle, Trunks, Goten." Goku said to the little warriors. "The way the girl fought was really admiring, most people couldn't do that to Vegeta. She also wasn't fighting at full power, I can tell. She was helping your dad. I've never seen anyone fight like that before in my life."

"I could tell, dad." Goten replied with a blank face. Vegeta flew towards where Goku, Goten and Trunks were standing, holding his shoulder. "That damn girl!" He said, frustrated.

"She's really strong." Trunks pointed out.

"She tried to melt me, she's lucky this was just a fight for fun, or else I could've kicked her ass...." Vegeta replied "...but I'm sure she wasn't using her full strength either. Well any ways, now I have a new way of fighting, I could defeat Buu if I wanted to." Vegeta gave a grin with the last phrase, obviously joking, but with this new ability for fighting he probably could. This girl could teach them all how to fight better, maybe that was what she was here for.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Neng had left for America where the people looked very odd to him. A kid ran down the streets in wide leg jeans probably the size of his father's, as he ran he occasionally pulled them up. The kid ran into a housing complex most likely an Earth apartment Neng concluded. Suddenly, Neng shivered, his body instantly frozen in the exact spot gazing at the child. He felt a sudden charge pulsated throughout his body, a sense. Something was here, something very powerful. Neng flew off into the air, the ground beneath him shattering into millions of little pieces. A little head poked out of the window to see the sudden burst of white light flash by, with awe and open jaw.

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