Chapter 5
A Little Reunion

Meanwhile somewhere on Mars, V looks around the deserted wasteland. "Stupid humans, they think there's no life here. They must be blind, they don't look hard enough that's all." Unexpectedly, she sensed an enormous power approaching this sector of the galaxy. "It better not be him. Damn it! It is him; I can sense him. Fuckin' bastard followed me!" V told herself in anger.

At the edge of the Earth's atmosphere, Tou and Ami were still flying off to Chikyuu, when suddenly Tou felt the same ki that V and Neng had felt. Tou came to a screeching halt with Ami at hand. "Something's coming to Earth, Ami, something very strong. It feels like one of my cousins." Tou warned.

"Another cousin?" Ami asked.

"Yes. I have lots. This one is a bit of trouble, but maybe he came here for a good reason, hopefully." He replied.

"Is he more powerful than you?" Ami asked.

"We're about the same, but he's a bit stupid."

"Well we better get back on ground, it's kinda high up here, and I can't really breath good."

"I understand." Tou said, and in a split second, a sudden flash of light burst through the top clouds and Tou, with Ami in hand, disappeared and reappeared back at Ami's house.

"Ami, I'm gonna jet now, I gotta go find my cousins, so we won't have to worry about him. Good bye."

"Good bye." Tou disappeared again; a miniature tornado he left behind. Reappearing at the park, where he had met Ami, he met up with Neng.

"Where are the girls?" Tou asked him.

"Dunno." He replied.

"Can you sense them?"

"Nope, just V, she's coming over here now I think, I wonder where Shia is."

"Oh, didn't you sense her fight against Vegeta? She did pretty good against this side of the universe."

"Yeah, I know. She kicked his ass, but she gave him too many hints."

"It was just a friendly fight, you idiot."

"Shut up!"

"Both of you shut up!" A voice from above said.

"Shut up!" Both of them said at the same time to the figure above them.

"Holy Fuck!" Neng yelled, jumping backwards in a defensive position.

"Muahahahahaha! Quake with fear!" Kenshou, the other cousin, exclaimed.

"Fuckin' Queer!" Tou said, "You've always talk shit, but you always get your ass kicked!"

"Kiss it bitch!" Kenshou yelled, as he slashed his sword in midair a beam of electrical energy darted towards to two on the ground.

"Weak ass attack Kenshou!" Neng yelled towards the sky, and easily moving out of it's way. Tou hopped over the attack as if it were a minor bump in the road. The beam of rushing electrical energy sliced through the planet, causing tremors across the world. On the opposite hemisphere of the planet a huge beam of energy slit the planet into two hemispheres, literally. The planet began to break up and volcanic activity began. Volcanoes erupted throughout the planet, killing millions; earthquakes destroyed buildings and homes; innocent lives were destroyed.

"Damn you queer! You don't have to slice the planet in half! Why the hell are you here anyway?" Tou yelled at Kenshou.

"Where's V? She was suppose to kill you off already. I'm here to finish the job. No wonder she didn't kill you three, Xiong can't even detect us from here, it's way off from Meo." Kenshou said.

A loud voice from above Kenshou screamed out, "Game Over Mutha' Fucker!" A crashing blow came from above, striking Kenshou in the back of the head; blood shot into the air. The red color of the blood dripped onto the ground creating a small pool of blood.

" Muahahahahahaha! Nice hit V, but this is only a fake body, don't you know how to construct images of yourself? Muahahahahaha!" A mysterious voice said, most likely Kenshou's.

Meanwhile on Chikyuu, Shia told the others that some trouble had started on Earth, and she had to leave quickly, Goten and Trunks pleaded their fathers to allow them to go with her and they were permitted to. "Hold on to my shoulder." Shia told to two kids.

"Hai!" They both exclaimed. The three quickly disappeared into dust, a gust of wind left behind them, like usual.

Meanwhile on Earth, at least on half of it, another being was present, another strong being, but not as strong as Kenshou.

"Hey guys! What's up?" the being said from the background of the battle with Kenshou.

"Hey Jou…. Jou?" Neng said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Oh, I was sent here with Kenshou, dunno why, these missions are always boring, at least this time I get to meet up with the big group."

"Shut up and kill 'em Jou!" yell Kenshou, while his real body appeared right above Tou. Kenshou's sword came crashing down on Tou, but from the background a quick "KameKameHAA!" soared through the air slamming into Kenshou's side and knocking him down to the ground with bruises on his face.

"Stupid KameKamehaa!" Kenshou yelled at Goten, who of course fired the blast, saving Tou from an attack.

"Hey Trunks, I got 'em!" Goten said with a big smile.

"Good work Goten! You're lucky I didn't fire first." Trunks said.

"Hey kids, fire this shit!" Kenshou yelled, releasing an enormous blast from his sword. The blast ,the size of Texas, rushed towards the kids at an unimaginable speed. Tou placed his palm out and turned it towards the kids, as if to release a ki blast a white little ball came out of his hand and rushed over before the two kids. The ball expanded and "sucked" the kids inside of it. The enormous blast went through them and destroyed the other hemisphere of the Earth.

"Damn you Tou! Can't you just let me have some fun?" Kenshou yelled.

"Fuckin' queer ass!" You better restore that half of the planet now or we'll kick your ass." Tou yelled back.

"Fine prick, you're lucky that you got V, Shia, Neng, Goten, and Trunks to back you up, or else me and Jou would've kicked your ass already." Kenshou said, "Wouldn't we have Jou?"

"Yeah whatever Kenshou." Jou replied.

"What?!? Fine then. I guess you betrayed me too." Kenshou said shocked. He then released his arm towards the deceased hemisphere. An enormous burst of light, blinding Goten and Trunks, radiated for a few seconds, suddenly a mysterious cloud of dust metamorphosed into a hemisphere molded itself onto the other, as if a new planet had been created.

"Damn you, we can't bring back the dead people." V scolded Kenshou.

"We can use the dragonballs for that." Trunks suggested.

"That's a good idea Trunks." Shia said.

"So Kenshou, Jou do you two want to come along on our "expedition"?" Tou asked. "Sure, why not. It's better than staying here with Kenshou by myself." Jou said with a bit of enthusiasm.

"Hell naw!" Kenshou said.

"Fine then, we'll just kill you so you can't report to Xiong; that's a good idea." Neng teased.

"Go ahead then Xiong would just send Shoua to take care of you three. She could probably wipe the floor with you guys, and V you're lucky I didn't rat on you. I knew you were gonna just play around here. Fine then pricks, I'll come along" Kenshou explained.

"Goten, Trunks you two wanna go fight some bad guys?" Shia asked them. "Yeah!" They both said enthusiastically.

"Ok, hold on to me." Shia said, and she dispersed once more, with the usual gust of wind.

"Come on Neng, let's jet, you wanna go buy a drink or somethin'?" V asked Neng.

"Sure let's go." Neng said, both of them disappearing into nothingness, and a rush of wind developed.

"So I guess it's us three." Tou said.

"Let's go get something to eat, I'm starving!" Jou said to break the silence.

"Sure, I'll ask my friend where some good places are, maybe she might bring along some of her friends." Tou replied.

"You gonna come Kenshou?" Jou asked.

"Sure, why not? Can't miss out on girls now." Kenshou answered.

A miniature tornado spun at the entrance of Ami's house. Three beings appeared suddenly at the entrance.

"He's here again, come look Mina." Ami said as she ran to the door.

"Konnichiwa, Ami-chan." Tou said, politely.

"Konnichiwa, Tou-kun." Ami said, returning the favor.

"What?!? Connect my ass? Onto what?" Kenshou asked.

"Who're these two Tou? They don't look like Shia and Neng." Ami asked.

"Oh, these two are my two other cousins. You know the one I told you about. It seems he brought along my other cousin as well. They're all right, but watch out for Kenshou; he's a bit of the trouble maker."

"Oh, ok."

"Hey Sailor V!" Jou said, "You look a lot better in real life than those carbon copies!"

"What copies?" she asked.

"The copies we have in school." Jou replies.

"In school?" she asked puzzled.

"Well sorta." Jou says, "Everyone on Meo has to take Universal History."

"Oh, I see." Mina replied, "And what's your name again?"

"Oh it's Jou." He answered.

Then Mina whispered something into Ami's ear, "Are they from a different planet?"

"Just be quiet and smile." Ami replied.

"It's not like we can't hear you, we're not deaf." Kenshou pointed out. Suddenly Ami and Mina's faces turned a bright red.

"Where's Jupiter?" Kenshou asked, "I like my women tall."

"Stupid! Shut up! If she's not here then obviously she's somewhere else." Tou yelled at Kenshou.

"Shut up!" Kenshou replied.

"Do you guys always have to fight?" Jou asked.

"Shut up!" They both yelled.

"Any ways, are you two hungry?" Tou asked.

"Yeah! So what do you boys feel like eating?" Mina said.

"I feel like some, DIMSUM!!!!" Jou said.

"That'll cost a fortune." Mina said.

"I'm glad I'm not paying." Kenshou said.

"Don't worry, we can create money, duh!" Tou pointed out.

"Oh, so really you guys are rich, right?" Mina asked.

"Yeah, somethin' like that." Jou answered.

"Let's jet!" Kenshou said.

"Hai!" The rest said in unison. Quickly Tou grabbed both of Mina and Ami's hands and the five disappeared, leaving the common and most usual gust of wind.

Meanwhile on some other planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, Shia, Goten, and Trunks arrive at the entrance to a palace like structure. "Hey Goten, you wanna blow this castle up? It'll be fun." Trunks asked.

"Hold on you two. The people inside have special abilities that I'm sure you two would like." Shia said.

"Like what?" Goten asked.

"When you punch them, they spit out candy. Cool huh?" Shia replied.

"Oooooo! Candy! Let's go beat 'em up Trunks." Goten said, flying off into the entrance busting a figure of himself in the gate.

"See ya' in a while Shia!" Trunks said, following Goten.

"Wait you two!" Shia said. "There's a dragon in the front gates!" She yelled. Suddenly a scream of two little boys came from inside the castle. The two boys flew right through the brick to the outside with screams of terror. "AHHHHH!!!!…." The two yelled.

"Shia! Why didn't you tell us there was a dragon?" Trunks asked.

"You two wouldn't wait." She answered.

"Come on Trunks, let's go beat up the dragon." Goten said with a smile.

"Hai!" Trunks replied.

A sudden rush of energy came within them. A golden aura surrounded their bodies, and energy began its flow of incredible power within them. Each of the boys had converted into a Super Saiya-jin. Both flew off inside of the castle, where the fumes from the dragon's breath were still spewing out. A few knocking down of tables and breaking of glasses and the ruckus had stopped. The fumes from the dragon had ceased and a cloud of smoke began to exit from the holes in the castle. Shia walked in quite calmly. She entered the castle and there were Goten and Trunks.

"Hi Shia! You want any barbecue?" Trunks asked, as he sliced off another piece of dragon with an energy blade and placed it on the "grill", which was nicely made of dragon scales. "You two!" Shia said with a smile.

Meanwhile on the planet Venus, Neng and V were sitting at the famous Izakaya, getting a nice and luxurious drink. "One Water of the Heavens please." Neng requested in the native Venation language.

"One Blood of Karma." V requested in Venation as well.

"Are you sure, V? That stuffs strong, and it's bad for you." Neng said, a bit worried.

"Don't worry, Neng. It's just the same thing as the Earthling's pure alcohol times a mere two thousand. It's easy stuff." V reassured him.

"Here you two go, that'll be one thousand, three hundred and fifty-two zein." The bartender said in his native Venation.

"Ok." V said. She reached down behind the counter where a little ball of dust formed in the palm of her hand, and it turned into a couple of frail, faded coins. V reached to the top of the counter and placed the coins onto the table, where the bartender took them up. She took a sip of her drink and stopped momentarily to talk to Neng. "So you wanna head back home?" She asked him.

"Naw, not really. I'm sortta gettin' used to this solar system. And anyways, I don't wanna leave without Tou and Shia, I mean they did come with me." Neng replied.

"Oh I see. I bet you anything though, that soon, Xiong will come to this system to retrieve us, and if we resist we'll all probably just die, like you're stupid brother Linkj." V said, as she took another sip of her drink.

"Oh, my brother's stupid now is he? Then why did he surpass you in ranking when he was only 11?" Neng said, defending his brother.

"You don't understand do you? Being a Commander of the "force" I would know what happened to him. He surpassed me yes, but he also surpassed Xiong himself. So Xiong was scared of him, he got Shoua and all of the Genocides to get rid of him." V explained.

"Humph! I know my brother is still alive, don't worry about it. They might have told you that, but I know my brother; he's still alive and well. I bet you anything, he's like a mercenary or something now, but I don't know why he wants money." Neng said.

"Yeah, siblings usually have special connections like that. Like me and my bro, when the X Generation was revolting. After all, you can't believe all that the government tells you, not even if you're part of it. Same thing applies to the Earth. How come you're not drinking your Water?" V replied.

"Let's get outta here and go back to Earth. There's sure to be some fun soon, Shoua and her Genocides should be arriving soon because of Kenshou's "disappearance"." Neng said, as he chugged the drink into his mouth and gulped it all down. Suddenly the two disappeared, and the glasses shattered from the increase of wind.

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