About George
George was born in 1995 and he is 4 feet long. He likes to eats carrot, parsley and celery. Most of the time he sits on the radiator doing nothing, and he gets down from there only when he wants to eat. George loves to get warm in the sunlight, and usually he is very calm. He bite me only one time, and he try to attack only when big animals (such as dogs) bother him. Click to see George on "Pet of the day":

Basic Iguana Care
This is for those who have an iguana and wants to know how to take care of it:
Make sure that your iguana have enough space in it cage to move freely (the cage should be at least twice longer than the iguana). You can put a wood in the cage that the iguana could climb on and rest comfortably. The temperature in the cage should be around 35 celsius degrees (you can warm the cage with light). Natural sunlight should be given for minimum an hour each day. For feed information check this page. More information you can find on the internet, or you can ask a veterinarian. Good luck!

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