Here You Can Find All Of George Photos And Some Of Mine.

George Photos

Wearing A Hat (30kb)
George (40kb)
Me And George (55kb)
With Sun-Glasses (10kb)
Resting On The Sofa (30kb)
By The Mirror (30kb)
Eating (50kb)
Very Hungry (45kb)
Staring At The Camera (40kb)
Commercial To Coca-Cola (45kb)
Laying On My Bed (40kb)
Me And George #2 (25kb)
Eating #2 (35kb)
Eating #3 (50kb)
Just Finish Eating (40kb)
Upper View (45kb)
Eating #4 (40kb)
Looking Around (35kb)
Resting In His Place (50kb)
Threatening Look (50kb)
Laying On My Bad #2 (45kb)
By The Mirror #2 (40kb)
Resting In His Place #2 (45kb)
Laying On The Couch (30kb)
Resting In His Place #3 (55kb)
Standing On Two Legs And Eating (35kb)
In the Shower (45kb)
Sleeping (20kb)
Laying On My Bad #3 (35kb)
Camouflaging With The Food (60kb)
Laying On The Couch #2 (40kb)
Looking At The Mirror (30kb)

Some Other Photos

Me When I Was Little (30kb)
Behind The Border Between Israel & Lebanon (50kb)
Talking On The Phone (50kb)
Me And My Little Brother (40kb)
My Dog Kety (65kb)
At The School Trip (75kb)
At The Trip To Sinai, Egypt (50kb)
At The Trip To Jordan (45kb)

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