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wdropcap elcome to Imagine Graphics, your best choice for computer generated, custom graphic art and design for the Web. Our services also include Web page design and make-over for personal home pages and small businesses. We will give you close, personal attention to satisfy your special needs. All our graphics and Web pages are made to your order--no stock images or Web pages derived from templates.

spacer We specialize in taking on the difficult and tedious graphics jobs. For example, if your Web site graphics are not up to par, we'll fix them by whatever means necessary, even if we must repaint the graphic right down to the individual pixels. This is in fact what we did for PepperTown USA, one of our best clients. Please visit them to see the graphics we not only fixed but animated, as well. (Imagine Graphics is proud to be the Pepper Girl Hot Sauce animators.)

spacerOur newest service is creating customized professional cartoons, including caricature art. We have already produced animated caricature art for Fox Studio's, currently under construction. You may also order caricatures of yourself, a friend or a family member for a variety of purposes--online cards, logos, ad banners, etc. In addition, you may rent cartoons for use on your Web site for a modest one-time fee.

spacer All our prices are very affordable, by small businesses seeking a well designed site from which to conduct a Web business, or by individuals desiring an above average home page, hobby page or informational site. We may also be hired for special work at an hourly rate much lower than most graphics artists charge. Please look over our site and consider what we could do for you, your site and your graphics.

tdropcaphank you for stopping by and enjoy the site:
Debbie & Jerry Emerson


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