The world is Against Us!!

The Top 20 Reasons the World is Against the Left Handed Person

(20 most annoying things to the southpaws)

    20. Two words Ink Smears. Whenever we try to write with ink we always end up smearing our writing beyond recognition.

    19.Wrist Watches. All watches are made to be worn on the left hand, and the southpaw wears his watch on the right arm. Try putting your watch on the right arm, and then try to push the buttons or turn the little knob. YOU CAN'T.

    18. Using a Computer. When's the last time you saw a left handed mouse? And how about the keywords, everything is designed for use by a right handed person.

    17. Boomerangs. There's just no way a "regular" boomerang will return to a person throwing with their left hand, it's impossible.

    16. Record Players. It's so annoying for a lefty to try to use a record player

    15. Remote controls. You probably never thought about it but those little romotes are created with the right handed person in mind. The way the buttons are arranged, makes it difficult for a lefty to use "normally".

    14. Table settings. Everytime a Southpaw goes to a fancy resturant they have to rearrange the silverware so they can use it normally like everyone else.

    13. All cooking utensils. Try stiring or scooping food out of a pot or pan with your left hand, it's an adventure.

    12. Coffee mugs. They are fine for the lefty as long as you like looking at the plainside of the mug.

    11. Potato Peelers. We just can't use them.

    10. Driving a manual (stick) vehicle. It would be so much easier for the left handed person if the stick was on the left side.

    09. Scissors. It's impossible to use "normal" scissors when you are left handed. The paper just won't cut.

    08. Rulers. We think differently, so when a lefty goes to use a ruler the numbers seem to go the wrong way on a "regular" ruler.

    07. Playing Cards. It's difficult to play cards when you can't see the numbers on the corners of the cards, a lefties hand covers them up.

    06. Pocket Knifes. They just never seem to be as handy to a south paw as they are for right handed people.

    05. Making "Normal" Check Marks. Check Marks were created by some righty because a left just can't scratch down a "normal" check mark like right handed people can. Try it and see for yourself.

    04. CD cases. The first time a lefty tries to open up a CD case, they totally get confused.

    03. Note books. Try writing with your left hand on a spiral or 3-ring notebook. Those 3 rings or spiral metal things kind of interfere with your writing.

02. Those desks in schools, with the slab of wood sticking off of the right side so people can "comfortable" right on it. How often do you see ones with the slab of wood on the left side?"properly".

    01. Sitting beside the less gifted, right handed person, at a dinner table. You know what it's like to sit next to a lefty at a table, now just image always having to be bothered by that.

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