Lefty Test

How to take this test:
    1. Which hand holds the pencil when you write your signature?   

    2.Which hand do you throw a baseball with?   

    3.Which hand holds the bread when you spread butter on it?   

    4.Which hand is lowest when you are digging a hole with a shovel?   

    5.Which hand holds the brush when you brush your hair?   

    6.Which hand do you throw the bowling ball down the lane with?   

    7.Which hand holds the tupperware container when you open it?   

    8.Which hand moves when you tie thread to a needle?   

    9.Which hand holds the tennis racquet when you play tennis?   

    10.Which hand holds the deck of cards when you deal in poker?   

    11.Which hand would you use to strike a match?   

    12.Which hand holds the nail when you are hammering in a nail?   

    13.Which hand holds the handle of a pot when you are stirring soup?   

    14.Which hand do you use to turn pages in a book?   

0-1 = Strongly Right handed
2-4 = Moderately Right handed
5-6 = Weakly Right handed
7 = Ambidextrous
8-10 = Weakly Left handed
11-13 = Moderately Left handed
14 = Strongly Left handed

If your results from this test say you are Strongly, Moderately, or even Weakly Left Handed

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