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Nintendo (nes) for free?

Yes you heard right you can get nintendo for free.
is it illegal i have heard yes i have heard no, the truth i do not know if it is they wont do any thing to you i will get in the shit but i think it is not
confuzed yet. here let me x-plain. an emulator can mimic game consols (nes snes sega etc.). so now you can paly your most loved games right on your comp. so lets say your little bro shoved a pj sandwitch into your nes now you can play it off your computer. or if at mikes house you played skate or die and want it your self don't go out and buy it downlaod.
i am making this site very small and not complex there will be a d/l for nesticle and 80 (so far) games and a couple of links i will expand it. e-mail me your problems or sugestions. also for a fun game go here (stuntz)and my list of games (and sites) and shockwave
By the way the good thing is its all small the sytem is about 700k's and each game about that too so get it then go to my stuntz page, also if you have any games you want to give to me send em my way i will post them to if thats ok. come on go to my chat page
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so get the system nintendo

wait!!!! i do know that a lot of my links don't works--oops my bad--i am in the middle of a MEGA transition stage and i sort of goofed so please book mark my site and come back. it should be fixed by the 20 if not the 12th. some emultion on the web will be back in full swing. to help it out you can always send some of your games to me set 1 is the old links that are busted (some may work) set 2 are the new working ones ya got the system now get some games (5 star rating) j-park
i think wheel of...
wacky races
tom & jerry
teen aged...
set 1 set 2
  • excite bike ****
  • 10 yard fight **
  • blades of steel *****
  • cal games ***
  • skate or die ***
  • SKI or die **
  • 3 in 1 pack(smb DH and T&F)****
  • Adventure Island 2***
  • Adventure Island 4***
  • After Burner 2**
  • Arch Rivals*****fun not realistic b-ball (i love it)
  • Bad News Baseball**
  • Bartman Meets Radioactiveman***
  • Baseball Stars***
  • Bases Loaded 4***
  • Batman 1***
  • Bo Jackson's Baseball****good baseball
  • Bomberman(classic)
  • Castlevania**
  • Castlevania 3***
  • Contrai never liked it but it has a huge cult following (most loved it)
  • Dig Dug 1**
  • Donkey Kong 1****
  • Donkey Kong Jr.***
  • Double Dragon*****
  • F15 City****
  • Final Fantasy 1**
  • Flintstones***
  • Ice Hockey*****
  • Incredible Crash Dummies**
  • Iron Tank****
  • Jackal****
  • j-park
  • Kirby's Adventure****
  • Kung Fu*
  • Lemmings**
  • Lode Runner**
  • Mach Rider***
  • Marble Madness**
  • Megaman***
  • Megaman II****
  • Megaman III***
  • Megaman IV****
  • Megaman V***
  • Megaman VI***
  • Metroid****
  • Micro Machines**
  • Milon's Secret Castle (never played)
  • Mission Impossible***
  • Offroad**
  • Paperboy****
  • Paperboy 2**
  • P.O.W.*****
  • Punch-Out*****hey mac get it
  • Q*Bert***
  • Race America***
  • Rad Racer**
  • Rad Racer 2***
  • RC Pro-Am 1***ppl liked it
  • Robocop 2**
  • Spyhunter****
  • Top Gun*****
  • Top Gun 2***
  • Wario's Woods***
  • Zelda i hated it ppl loved it
  • 10 Yard Fight
    Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
    Adventure Island
    Adventure Island 2
    Adventure Island 3
    Adventures of Valecule
    Alfred Chicken
    All Pro Basketball
    American Gladiators
    Antarctic Adventure
    Athlete's World
    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
    Baby Boomer
    Back to the Future
    Bad Dudes
    Bad News Baseball
    Bad Street Brawler
    Bart vs. The World
    Bart Meets Radioactiveman
    Bart vs. The Space Mutants
    Baseball Simulator 1000
    Baseball Stars
    Baseball Stars 2
    Batman Returns
    Battle Chess
    Battle of Olympus
    Bill Elliot's Nascar Challenge
    Happy Birthday Bugs
    Black Bass
    Black Onyx
    Blades of Steel

    Blaster Master
    Bloody Warrior
    Blue Marlin
    Bo Jackson's Baseball
    Bomberman 2
    Bump 'n Jump
    Caesar's Palace
    California Games
    Captain America
    Captain Planet
    Captain Skyhawk
    Castle of Dragon
    Championship Loderunner
    Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers
    Circus Caper
    City Connection
    Codename: Viper
    Conquest of the Crystal Palace
    Contra Force
    Crash n' the Boys
    Crystal Mines
    Crystal Waters

    the counter tells me that people play nintendo (the 7th of sept)
    ok i am trying out a guest book again go to it please

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