ok here is my question page tell me about your self and my page (also what page you have seen joke, emulation, stunts games, etc.) you can e-mailme two

what is your name?
ok nice name how did you find this place if other where
which page did you link from?
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so how do you like the place so far?
ok now give me info about my site which part you like which ones you don't how it can be better etc. also when you are done with this e-mail me stuff i like e-mails
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FYI here are the totals of who came here and what page, the break down of page by page keep up the work, to help out click on adds
date main games stunts emulation jokes total
june 98' 20 10 108 page not yet up page not up 138
july 98' 35 38 212 page not yet up page not yet up 285
August 98' 56 70 312 page not up page not up 438
september 98' 79 89 476 405 page not yet up 1049
totals 190 207 1108 405 no totals 1910