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    whats here
  1. intro to the game
  2. The game
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Stunts is that classic racing game AKA-4D racing. its a really fun and interesting game and i think a must have-(just think about it, only 1.1MB disk space you can spare that!). IF you don't already have the game (i whish not to put it up illegally on my site. so
get the full functional "demo" here ever thing works on it, i can't tell why it is a demo but they say it is, they took away a some orginal tracks (its ok i got lots of good ones bellow, other then that it is the same game). back to the top


This game was made in the late 80's (possible in 90) and has great graphics and sound for its date. The object of the game is to race around a race track (see many bellow) and get the fastest time, race by your self or the computer (sorry no 2 players). my i suggest using the porche mach or th jag! its a fun game and many option, like a large list of cars and opponents, as well you can make the most bizzar tracks. (make loops, jumps, what ever you wish) the game is ready to fit your needs, an automatic car or a standered, fast, slow, large track small track, (i enjoy making tracks), the only problem is there are only 5 terrains. a terrain is no the track its self but what the track is placed on, so there can be many diffrent track set ups on the same terrain lay out. to get around the terrain problem, use the build in editor by pressing "shift" and F2, or use a terraine editor such as
this one
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ok you've palyed the game and now want so tips to go faster well here you go: