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Steve Sonsky of Miami Herald (7 Feb 1979): In everything he does, from something as simple as leaning on an imaginary podium, to engaging in a tug-of-war, the realism of his movement and the flexing of the proper muscles -- as if he were actually performing the act he's miming -- is oh-so-precise.

Ann White, executive producer of Wo/Man's Showcase, quoted in the Fort Lauderdale News, 10 Apr 1983: He literally makes silence vibrate -- that's how good he is.

Skip Sheffield, Boca Raton News, 16 Jan 1981: 'Red Shoes' the best yet ...Dr. Peterson, the director, has also called on two "stars" of earlier productions to fill the other lead roles...Snogg's assistant is a clown, Gemmo, played by Billy Krahl, otherwise known as Kiko.

In the early days of Little Palm, Kiko used to provide an entertaining mime act before each show.

Then he won a scholarship to study mime in England, where he's been for over a year.

Kiko performs better than ever now. He combines mime, choreographed acrobatic movement and comedy as the cheerful mute clown Gemmo.

Kiko doesn't advertise the fact, but he's deaf, which makes his performance all the more remarkable.

He relies on sight rather than sound cues, and does it so well you can't tell he doesn't hear what the other actors are saying, or even when the audience laughs.

The audience laughs a lot at Kiko's antics, but I'll tell you a secret. Gemmo is the hero of this story. You'll have to see for yourself how he does it.

Fred Rothenberg, Boca Raton News, 24 Jun 1983: He received national recognition for portraying a mute character in "The Red Shoes" at the Southeastern States Theatre Conference in Orlando.

Lockheed Martin Employees, 12 Nov 1996:

Sharon H.
I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your performance. You were excellent!!!!!! Keep up the good work!
Evelyn P.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. You did an EXCELLENT job. We really appreciated your prompt response to participate and your show was a hit (sincerely).
Jack C. (Senior Vice President)
And another THANKS!!!! from me. You were sensational!