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Who's Who in the World of Mime

Plexus Mime Theatre
Formed in 1979 by Robert Morse, Jyl Hewston, and Joe Mori. The company draws on a rich history of stylized theatrical forms. The ancient magic of masks, dance, and mime, and the zany charm of Commedia dell' Arte, the circus, and Vaudeville are all incorporated in the creation of the performance.
Mime company from Kansas City, Missouri. Members: Don Bucks, Susie Gardner, Tom Nelms, David Naster, Steve Harris, Mike Trautman, Cindy Piedimonte, and Tammy Stone. Steve Harris founded Mimewock.
E. Reid Gilbert
Founder of the Valley Studio, Wisconsin Mime Theatre, and Administrator of International Mimes and Pantomimists, Spring Green Wisconsin.
Jean Asselin
Since 1965, Jean Asselin has been involved in mime and theatre in Montreal, London, Prague and Paris. He spent five years studying and working with Etienne Decroux, and assisted the master in his dramatic research and creation. He is co-founder and artistic director of the troupe Omnibus and l'Ecole de mime corporel de Montreal.
James Donlon
International renowned mime; founded the Menagerie Mime Theatre, as well as Proteus Mime Theatre, both based on the West Coast.
Leonard Pitt
Teaches mime and mask in Berkeley, CA; former assistant to Etienne Decroux.
The Enchanted Family
Bonnie founded the company; based in Tampa Bay area;
Bob Berky
Bob is Artistic Director of the Mimeworkshop, a regional theatre and school in Rochestor, New York.
Jude Parry performed one year with the DUMB BELLES: unique two-woman mime combination. Solo mime work includes: "The Seven Ages of Woman"--a one-woman show premiered at the Albert Hall for the Nottingham Womens Festival, February 1982. She co-founded The Gold Coast Mime Company with Kiko.
Gert Pedersen
A mime from Denmark. Toured with the National Theatre of the Deaf (though, he himself is not deaf). Joined the Gold Coast Mime Company for a few years in the mid 1980's. He went back to Denmark after that.
The mime trio of The Art School established in 1976. Based in North Carolina.
The Wonder Company
Joe Jeff and Nancy Lynner formed the duo, The Wonder Company.
Desmond Jones
One of Britain's leading authorities on the art of mime and the analysis of movement, Desmond Jones is also a teacher and performer of international reuputation.
Don McLeod
Formed the first progressive rock group to feature a mime in 1971. called "Don McLeod's Mime & Music Machine" touring with Fleetwood Mac and Deep Purple. Became the famous American Tourister Gorilla in the TV ads and have since been called America's Foremost animal actor by People Mag & Entertainment Weekly.
Daniel Stein
Teaches mime at the Dell'Arte School and was a student of Decroux.
Tom Leabhart
Teaches mime at Pomona College and edits the mime journal
Kari Margolis
Artistic Director of The Margolis-Brown Adaptors in Minneapolis; President of the National Movement Theatre Association.
Sigfrido Aguilar
Perform mime globally and teaches mime in Mexico.
Denise Stoklos
A Brazilian mime creating a new style of theater,which she calls THE ESSENTIAL THEATER. It is based on the elements of the actor (body, voice and intuition) and on the sacred notions of theater. It also only speaks of the essential (therefore the name, plus the lack of props, etc). She studied at the DESMOND SCHOOL OF MIME for a while.

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